Gala Premiere: Sex and the City 2 (:

On Tuesday evening, I met with some of the usual suspects + friends to attend the Premiere of Sex and the City 2 !

Confession! I’ve never watched a single episode of the show (except for that ONE episode I watched while I was drifting in and out of sleep during my staycation)! But the previous movie was good enough for me to want to watch the sequel (:

In a nutshell: Laughter + Fashion + Hot guys + Adventure = AWESOME!

How was it? Well….The movie is pretty tacky. So tacky that it’s good? And I really don’t mean it in a bad way. I can’t quote you an example cause I was operating on dory mode. But yeah. OH! WAIT! I CAN! Okay, they actually used the word “inter-friend-tion” to indicate that they want to intervene in a friend’s problem. And later on in the show, it became “inter-fun-tion” cause Miranda intervened with fun activities *shudders*

But it’s all good! (: It’s tacky in a good way. And understandable too! I’m sure you have your own tacky + self-invented terms with your own group of usual suspects (friends). So yeah!

AND! You know it is going to be a good show when Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) came out in this DROP DEAD GORGEOUS white dress!

Okay, I know you are going to say, “..BUT YOU THINK ANY WHITE DRESS IS PRETTY!” Well..Take a look at what the other girls were wearing to start the show!

Actually, for the rest of the show, the girls are all decked out in really pretty clothes! Albeit a little inappropriate? Like…who wears a pouffy skirt to shop in a market in Abu Dhabi?

And….I’m really really sorry! But while I was watching the show, I kept asking myself, “..aren’t they afraid of uneven tan lines? UNEVEN TAN LINES!” Cause the sun is so scorching hot and if I was there, I will be decked out in as little clothes as socially acceptable! And heels in the dessert? o.O But ohwell! (: Pretty clothes and shoes!!! Doesn’t really matter that the girls are all rather mature.

I think what makes SATC2 such an excellent movie is that it has everything! Adventure? Check. Love story/problems? Check. Fashion? Check. Humor? Check and check! Hot boys? Check. Nice soundtrack? Check. Sex? Check. Pretty landscape? Check. Glee element (read next paragraph)? Check. Oh, did I mention HOT bodies? *drools* No, not the old hot uncles. But there’s actually a scene with loads of hot young body 😀 HAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah. I mean, I got a little bored of the story somewhere in the middle? But I didn’t fall asleep or stone. Instead, I started focusing on other stuff like shoes, boys, bags and etc!

OHOH! And you should totally watch out for 2 music performance! Darn good! One had us laughing and the other was just AWWW (for me at least). Not going to say too much. But WATCH OUT FOR THEM!

ALL IN ALL! GREAT SHOW! Wanted to talk about some thoughts that I had but that will be for another post (:

Ratings: 4.5 popcorns over 5! 😀

[Photos are from Sex and the City – Singapore on Facebook. ]


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