Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

After missing about 15 seasons of Survivor, I got back to watching it this season! And dang! I’m glad I did. Other than having my favorites (Rupert and Rob), the gameplay is more aggressive and interesting.

Not going to say much, just a few things.

Favorite Players this season

It has to be Russell and Parvati. This is the first time I’ve seen both of them played and they are good! Impressive!



Another season!

I think it will be interesting to have a season with just Russell and Rob! Both are really good strategic players. But with very different gameplay! Put them on different tribes and see them how they fight!

Hopefully the producers will pick up this idea! Especially since it was mentioned during reunion too! 😀


Rob and Amber has always been my favorite. Ever since Rob (on the opposing team) gave his everything to keep Amber in her tribe!

And it’s amazing how they eventually got married and now have a baby! WOOTS!

Ok. That’s it. *blank*


One thought on “Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

  1. Luckily russel and rob are going to be in survivor redemption it starts in America in feb but unfortunately for us Aussies probably won’t start till september

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