Helping your Facebook friends to keep their wall neat (:

[This post is not targeted at anyone and is just my personal preference (:]

Alright, how many of you have a Facebook page that is either a) your own business or b)work-related?

And, how many of you share links (be it of photos or articles) on both the page and your own personal Facebook profile? AT THE SAME TIME?


Anyways, my point is – Time. Your. Sharing. Otherwise, it will just look on spam on my wall (and probably your friends’) wall!

Many times (at least for me) I will join a page because my friends are behind the campaign or it’s my friend’s business. I am perfectly happy to receive information about that page too.

But sometimes, it just gets irritating. Especially if the person shares it through the page AND through their personal profile. Even worse, if the person do it twice a day, over a span of 3 days! OMG. I will feel like murdering the person.

An example.

There was this period 2 weeks ago that my friend did JUST THAT! I will wake up in the morning and see the link to his new Facebook album on both his page and his personal profile, one on top of the other. THEN! When I wake up after my afternoon nap (I have insomnia then), I see the same thing TWICE on my wall. The same thing happened the next day and the next. Didn’t help that all my other friends were liking the album (appears on my Top News tab) and then sharing the link to the album again.

I really wanted to like the album. I REALLY DO! Cause the photos were pretty! But….it was too in-my-face! With the way it has been shared, it’s like spam. Or like a little kid that keeps going, “LIKE ME! ME! ME! LIKE ME!! PWEEASSHHHH!!”

Not attractive.

Benefits of spacing out your sharing.

I guess the reason why some people feel the need to share the same link on both the page and their own profile at the same time is because they think that the target audience is different? As in, not all friends are in the page so maybe by posting a link that’s related to the page, they are targeting this group of people who is ‘missing‘?

And I understand that. Totally!!!

But just space out the timing at which you share the same link across the page and your profile? Other than the fact that it will look less like spam, you can also target people who might have missed it the first time round?


I have a page called, “Claudsification”. It is a page that contains all my photography works. Recently, I was hired to shoot for say, “NTU Adventure Trail” and I want to share this link. SO! This is what I will do.

1) Share the link to the album on “Claudsification” in the morning. Before people start to work.
2) Share the link to the album on my personal profile before/after lunch.
[Don’t really like but IF you must]
3) Swop the process the next day.
4) And just in case, Day 1 – post link via “Claudsification” around 11pm + Day 2 – post link via personal profile around 11pm

The reason I chose morning and before/after lunch is because these period tend to be when most people check their Facebook account. In the morning, Facebook could be a great way to kickstart their day. Before lunch, Facebook acts as a buffer between work and lunch. After lunch, another great way to chase away snooze monster. 11pm because everyone is almost heading to bed but not quite yet.

In this way, people who are on both “Claudsification” and my personal profile might find it less spam-ish? And if people missed it in the morning, the post will hit them at other time slots *nods*

What I can accept.

With that said, I don’t mind seeing information across different platforms though. If it’s the same content that appeared once in Twitter and once in Facebook, I am fine with it. Cause I might have missed it in either platform.

And if it’s the same person with different posts, I am fine with that too.

But of course, thanks to the wonderful people of Facebook…we can always do the following –

no, i am not hiding Cynthia!

Yups! 😀

So what are your views? Who have you hidden?

I am sure I have been ‘muted’ by quite a bunch of people. Since I like to post everything at night!


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