my first 3 days with N97 mini!

It’s kinda interesting really. I am trying to get used to 2 new items simultaneously! But it works actually. I actually used the camera to take pictures of the Nokia N97 mini.

So in Tumblr style, picture + a short description (:

Tuesday was the day I officially switched fully to the phone. I guess it was quite a silly move to bring it to the Gala Premiere of SATC2. If not for Nicole, I would have left active data on and burn the phone. Day 1 was all about learning how to navigate the phone. From text messaging to phonecalls to surfing the web.

Personalization. Downloading applications, setting up emails and Ovi accounts. Personalizing ringtones and message tone! (: Oh and! Recalibrating the touch sensor!

Realised how power draining it is 😦 Charged the phone twice today! It was fully charged at 7am when I went to bed. Woke up briefly at 12+ in the afternoon to go online for an hour before switching off the active data thingy and heading to bed. Another hour of surfing at 3pm before it died on me at 4pm. Sigh. CHARGGGEEEEE!

So that’s about it! Liking it so far! And my sister was playing with it too. She likes how ‘professional’ it feels to type on the keyboard. I know right! I love that too 😀

Alrighty! More to do, more to explore!


2 thoughts on “my first 3 days with N97 mini!

  1. Active Data? You mean the facebook, News and Weather widgets on the main screen? If you don’t use them, just remove them from the main page lor.

  2. I just switched off the 3G connection and connect when i need it. but even then, the batt power is still quite bad.

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