a first (:

As you all may know through my Facebook, I WON A IPOD SHUFFLE 😀 Must write this down cause it’s the first time I won something through a lucky draw! Unless you count that time when I was 9 and won a lifesize teddy bear at a neighborhood dinner.

Okay, actually I won a Nerf gun.

When I went up to collect it, I had a vague idea of what it is and was wondering why they are giving me a toy. When I got down, I was thinking if I should give it to my brother or neighbours. Then DK made the proposal! Let’s swop! And TADA! I got his shuffle and he got the Nerf gun!

JLee won one too! And QQ’s brother, won the iPad! 😀

It was a good night (: Depsite the lack of sleep and the cramps, I had adrenaline on my side! So I was a little loud, a little too hyper. I actually went, “..what did I do today?” while bathing just now. I cannot remember what I said or did. Everyone, if I was a little irritating, please excuse me. HAHAHA!

Anyways! Me and my ipod shuffle!

DK with his Nerf gun! Nephews beware!

And all of us lucky winners (: My first time winning a lucky draw 😀 SO HAPPY!

Once again, thank you, Victor and HPB for organising such a great event! Will blog about the Great Audio (Walking) Experience sooooon! For now, I will watch some videos, do up some photos and sleep.

2 hrs of sleep is no joke. And with adrenaline leaving me, I am getting a mopish. BAD!!!


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