Dad + King Kong + Me.

Because it was Vesak Day, Channel 5 decided to show “King Kong” at 10pm on Friday night!

2005 remake.

My dad has this habit of narrating shows/news or whatever that is television. Watching any shows with him is like watching a football match. You will have commentary at the side. It’s a habit that the sister, the mum and I have gotten used to. The brother tries not to watch television with the dad. HAHAHAH!

So as with usual practice these days (I think he just wants to spend time with me :D), he will usually sit down and watch television with me after he finish bathing. Not very long, just for 30mins to an hour. Depending on how interesting the show is (:

I always find my dad’s commentary to be irritating but today, I really how funny it can be 😀 Or useful!

SEE! There was this scene where King Kong was tearing apart a T-Rex and it was BRUTAL! Initially, I wanted to watch it but I kept waiting for the T-Rex’s jaws to snap apart but it didn’t! I couldn’t stand the anticipation so I put my hands in front of my face.

That’s when my dad’s commentary came in handy. There he was commenting about the fight and it sounded funny! It didn’t help that I was looking at my sister who was half-laughing and half-cringing in disgust. Then there was the scene with the cockroaches and the leeches? My dad went, “Imagine if they are in your room!” and he scoffed. ECCCCCKKK!

By the way, if the cockroaches are in my room, my dad will be very very busy! HAHAHA!

And it’s interesting how my dad tries to make things light-hearted by squeezing out the moral story of the show. Even if there isn’t any.

My sister and I was kind of sad that King Kong died (I DIDN’T KNOW!)! So my dad went, “’s like that. The show is trying to show the ugly side of humanity. We only see what is on the surface. They only see KK going around destroying houses and people. But they never try to understand why he is doing it. It’s life..”

The sister and I went,”..errrrmmmm..” But yeah.

I love moments like this. Sitting down and watching television with the family (:

P/S: According to dad, King Kong showed for MONTHS at Capitol cinema (I think).

PP/SS: Knowing that King Kong died is like learning Santa Claus dont exist all over again. iSad 😦

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