Such is life.

I think I said this last year, “..sometimes, I wished that everyone will let me fall. Let me fall down completely. Let me break. Don’t try to patch me up now. It’s just a waste cause I will keep crashing. Just let me crash. Be there afterwards..” And I think everyone got so sick of patching me up and then seeing me fall that they did just that. I crashed. I crashed hard. So hard.

But I guess, there are certain falls we need to take. Certain wrong paths we need to take. Certain mistakes we need to make. Big ones sometimes.

It may seem like we are alone. Feel like if we take another fall, we’ll never make it. Feel so lost that we just want to sit down and cry. Feel so helpless and lose so much confidence in ourselves that we hope someone will just make the decision for us.

Don’t. Don’t sit down and wallow in the misery. Don’t even for a second listen to those voices in your head. Stand up. Walk. Trip. Fall. Make that mistake!

And to sound really tacky. You’re not alone. Friends are always around. Like how animals are hidden in the forest, your friends are there but you can’t see them. As much as they want to help you, they know it’s a mistake, a fall that you have to make.

But they will be there at the end. When you’ve crashed, they will be there to help you to rebuild yourself. To pull you up. To show you who you used to be.

Think fairytales. The animals or magical creatures only came out after the princess fainted right? (:

So yups! Go, go take that fall. Go make that mistakes. As long as you have friends around you, as long as you learn afterwards, then you have nothing to worry about.



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