The Great Audio Experience

Last Saturday (29th May), I took part in The Great Audio Experience organised by HPB for their Stay Smoke Free campaign. This is the aftermath of the “Live It Up” Squad Ambush thing I went to back in the beginning of May (:

Basically, all the participants are split into 3 locations – Orchard Central, Cineleisure and SMU Green. What they have to do is to used the ‘radio’ provided, tune into 98.7FM and follow the instructions given (: The idea was to create a similar event like The MP3 Experiment (a flash mob) in the States but HPB has injected their personal touch to it. So, it was more of a Stay Smoke-Free Awareness Mob, then a flash mob per se.  <br>

Depending on your location, you will be given a t-shirt of a different color – red, orange and blue. There was a emcee following us for the purpose of motivating the crowd, I think. But frankly, I think our emcee sucks. He didn’t motivate us or repeat what was said on the radio. Therefore, it took the crowd quite a while to warm up. In the video below, you can hear me “reprimanding” the emcee when he finally did what he was supposed to do.  <br>

ANYWAYS! Sucky emcee aside (the other 2 groups had pretty awesome emcee though!), I think the mob did a pretty good job of spreading the message. Or just generating awareness of the website which was printed on the back of our shirt.

And with people carrying signboards on their back, we are a crowd that is hard to miss! 😀

However, I wish some actions were done in places with slightly more traffic. Like hello? How funny would it be to see a bunch of people doing the following pose?

The guys were supposed to strike their sexiest pose by the way (: HAHAHAH! Oh and I think there’s a participant who rushed over from The Cathay where a zombie flash mob was taking place just to take part in this! He must love flash mob alot! 😀

Okay, enough of talking! Here’s a video to give you a feel of the event that day. This was towards the end though!

I think the most interesting moment for me was when we were heading towards Plaza Singapura (the ending point) and saw the other two groups spilling out of the MRT station on the other side of the road. WOAH!

Of course, when we reached the congregation point, we were greeted by Daniel Ong! WOOTS! The event was officiated there!

Of course, the event didn’t just end there! There was also the award ceremony for the dance competition and the after-party! At the after-party, many local bands were invited to performed. One of which was the Black Diamond Ninjas that Benjamin was in! Head on over to Facebook for photos of their performance by yours truly 😀

Daniel Ong and Mr Young rocked the after-party by making the audience laughed and cracking silly jokes!

And of course, it was during the after-party that I won my first lucky draw! (: By the way, 3 iPads were given away too!

Anyways, I enjoyed myself even though it was slightly different from expectations! Nonetheless, great effort and interesting idea! Kudos to HPB!

Remember! Stay Smoke Free and BE RICH! Imagine, if you don’t smoke, you can basically buy 2 MacBook Pro a year!! Or imagine the number of donuts + KOI bubble teas you can buy everyday!!!

So remember to Live It Up Without Lighting Up.


2 thoughts on “The Great Audio Experience

  1. *gasp* Thank you for your feedback about the emcee and I will convey it to the organising committee. Cheers!

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