Happiness in a Nutshell – Newsletter 61

This was sitting in my Hotmail (otherwise known as Junk Mail) for a week plus. But as always, I find it so meaningful that I have to share it!


Imagine you are driving a race car at 200 km an hour when
suddenly you find yourself sliding out of control and heading
for a brick wall. What do you do?

If you said, “Close my eyes” that’s not a good answer.

Here’s what all race car drivers know and what Toyota Corolla
drivers should know – when you lose control, you keep your eyes fixed
on where you want to go.

You don’t look at where you have been.
You don’t even look at where you are.
You focus on where you need to get to.

So what about when your life veers out of control?

The same rule applies. You keep your eyes fixed on where
you want to go.

If you have just lost all your money, you don’t look back.
If you just lost your job, you don’t look back.

If you just left a relationship, you don’t look back. You forget about
blaming your boyfriend. You forget about blaming yourself.


When times get rough there’s one way out. Keep your mind fixed
on where you want to go.

Meaningful no? (: So keep your eyes open when times are tough. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! 😀

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