Leap Year.

Stumbled upon this movie by accident. Other than a brief mention and interview about it on The Ellen Show, I barely remember seeing the posters in the theaters. Then again, I don’t visit the theaters that often anymore.

ANYWAYS! It’s a typical storyline. Girl decides to fly to Dublin to surprise the boyfriend, bad weather caused her to land in a wulu part of Ireland where she met the guy. They hated each other at first but after a series of events, they fell in love. Girl’s boyfriend proposed, they went back home. Girl ditched boyfriend and went to look for guy. TADA!

Really, I am not spoiling anything for you. That IS the story (: You can tell it right from the start!

But you know, the only reason I watched it was because of Amy Adams and the sexy sexy accent in the movie! Mesmerizing!

No chemistry between the girl and the guy though. It’s all a little contrived, to be honest. But hey! There’s a few funny moments, nice songs, some dancing and some really tacky quotes. Like this one –

To my husband, I hope you don’t steal, lie or cheat. But if you must. Steal away my sorrows, lie with me all day and cheat death.

Awww factor pretty huge huh? But it’s quite….tacky :X BLEH! Call me unromantic, if you must. Plus, I think it’s unrealistic for people to drop everything (career included) to fly 5000miles to marry someone you’ve known for 3 days-.-

One of the funniest moment was when the fire alarm rang in the apartment and the boyfriend ran into the study and said –

I have yet to announce our engagement on Facebook, so I need the laptop!

HAHAHAHAHA! But seriously, what would you grab if your house is on fire and you have 60 seconds to grab anything you want (excluding the important documents, of course).

Quote that kept appearing in the movie –

We’ll throw it in the wash. And it will be grand.

Anyways, not a bad movie if you have time to spare! (:

3 out of 5 popcorns for me!

P/S: Love the castle (or the ruins) that was in the show!


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