when do you think the best?

I think best when I am bathing. Somewhere between washing the face and soaping. Maybe that’s why I take super long to bathe. Yes, I am renowned to take at least 30 minutes in the bathroom.

Someone once told me (or rather declare to an entire group) that solutions and ideas usually come to him when he is in the toilet. And by toilet he means doing both big and small business. I didn’t really believe it and thought it was just his way of getting attention and starting a conversation.

Until I saw it for myself.

We were working on some presentation slides late at night. And we were stuck. We can’t seem to find a simple way to present what we wanted to and it was getting late. Suddenly, he said, “..aiyo. Stomachache,” and ran to the toilet. Less than 5 minutes later, he came out rushed out of the bathroom, pushed me away from the laptop and started typing furiously.

After that, he said, “..There we go! Told you! I think the best when I am in the toilet!” Before going back to the toilet to wash his hands. ECK.

So when do you think best? Where to be exact?

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