Super Junior for Samsung Galaxy S (:

Warning: Potential fan-girl post!

DK asked if I was interested in the Super Junior showcase a few weeks back. I’ve heard of them but I’ve no idea what’s the big deal about them. So after confirming that Victor and QQ was going, I went along.


You will not believe how many times I have watched their Bonamana performance! Over and over and over again! And when I am feeling a little down, I youtube them to make myself feel better.

But I am still trying to remember their name. At the moment, I can only remember Siwon, Wookie and Donghae! The rest I just refer to them by nickname. Like Leader, girly, JJ and chubby one :X


Starting from the left: ryeowook (wookie), leeteuk, yesung, siwon, heechul (cinderella), sungmin, eunhyuk, donghae (pinnocchio), shindong.

Pardon me if I get their nicknames wrong! Still learning lah! 9 boys at once is hard!

No points for guessing who my favorite is! 😛 SIWON!!!!


He caught my attention during the press conference cause other than Leeteuk, he is the one who responded to the questions. He moved RIGHT UP TO THE TOP when he stood up to offer his mic to an audience. I tell you! I melted. Like really! I blushed! *melts* Totally had a fangirl moment right there. He gets plenty of brownie points for that move ❤

Plus, he knows how to have fun/ tease the fans! Like how he snatched a video camera from the crowd and ‘camwhore’ on stage! Or when he did this –

Licking cream off his fingers (: *melts*

But someone else caught my eyes during the showcase too! Guess who?

Wookie! 😀 Yes! Not too impressed with him during the press conference. I thought he was the usual pretty boy. Not much, not much. But when he dances, he looks fab! (: None of that cutesy air. More hotness. Which is good(: Plus, he is ‘in-charge’ of the higher pitch stuff in the group. Kinda. According to i-Weekly, at least!

I guess, why I like Suju is that the group is formed such that there’s a guy for every girl. If you like cute boys, Wookie and Yesung. Muscle boys? Siwon, Leeteuk and Donghae. Like I’ve said, Suju has every boy for all my different moods (:

Plus, they are so good at teasing the fans? The small drama that occurs while the interview is going on. And the fooling around. You never quite know where to focus – on the person who is talking or the rest of the boys?

I feel like a fangirl all over again. I am even thinking of printing their photos and pasting it in my work station. I need a good picture first though.

Me being me, I actually went to google for the translated version of ‘Bonamana”! I don’t want to end up liking a song that has no content? If you must know, Bonamana is a song for a pretty lady. How the boys want to get her and stuff. Chorus is something like, “..bounce to you bounce to you, my heart beats only for you. Break for you, break for you, my heart will break if you don’t come to me..” or something along that line. So there! 😛

AND! If they come to Singapore for a concert, I AM IN!!!

Not just to see the boys, but also to see their dance moves (:

And yes, I AM OBSESSED! I feel 13 all over again. I even had a dream of touring with the guys! -.-

Enough of me swooning! Here’s one of their most recent performance (not their best though!)-

For more photos, head on over to my Facebook album (; If you can’t view it and is a Suju fan, just drop me a msg!


Maybe I should put a video of their performance in my iPod touch so I can look at it when I feel tired during work. HMMMMM.

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