Super Junior – tired?

Okay, so I was sending ber the link to the latest performance by Super Junior when she sent me one that was even more recent! And yeah. The boys are tired. You can hear it in their voice and see it in their dance moves.

This is one of the earlier performance –

And this is their performance on the 13th –

There’s one that looks even worse. That was slightly messier and just bad. Heck, click here to look at it.

Everyone look like they are tripping! :X

But yeah. And what’s with Leeteuk and the dishcloth? I no like!

Oh! And whenever Heechul touches the side of the face and stick out his tongue, this thought will pop up, “..NO! Don’t do that! You’ll have pimples!” HAHAHAHAH! But seriously, no. Don’t ever rub the side of your face like that. Bad for skin. BAAAADDDDD!!

Okay, bedtime for me! Can’t wait for their next single though! 😀 Yes, fangirl! *screams*


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