what’s a phone to you?

I was texting Victor about some stuff the other day when we came across a difference. He thinks that a phone is just for communication, while I think that a phone more than communication. It’s a representation of me. Kind of like my dressing and the likes.

To me, who in my circle of friends carry the same phone as me, kind of matter. Or let’s say if Ris Low, Steven “Yellow Underwear” Lim and William Hung carries the same phone as me, I might have second thoughts of carrying that phone.

Cause I tend to look at a phone and create an ‘image’ of the kind of people who will carry the phone. Remember that LG came up with the tiniest phone ever way back in 2003? Anyone who carries that phone heads straight to my “Ah-Lians/Impractical” catergory.

That’s why I am quite careful when it comes to the phone I pick. Omny might seem like a bad choice. But back when it first came out and before I get to know the geeky people, it feels right to me! And hello! I impressed my sister and friends by being able to check emails and all on the go, okay? Don’t play play! And, you won’t link Omny to an Ah-Lian will you? Or an attention seeker? No right? SEE!

So yups! Looking at who around me is getting the Samsung Galaxy S and why they are getting it. I love the phone! But you know *shrugs*

What’s a mobile phone to you then?


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