Life 2.0 (:

By the time you are reading this, I am either a) squeezed in a train towards Marina Bay, b) have reported to work or c) half-way through my first day of work.

In case you still don’t know from my many tweets about pre-employment syndrome and the blatantly obvious Facebook message, I am EMPLOYED! (:


By the way, that’s my staff pass photo. Self-taken one ok? (: Background was photoshop-ed in. I guess all that cam-whoring practices paid off? Kind of. After going through a gazillion photos, I realised my eyes are a little lopsided and they are not the same size! SAD!

ANYWAYS! I’ll be working at..Hmm. Want to guess? This is the view I can get from the 17th floor.


Somewhere in Raffles Place, you say? Close enough, Maybank!! Wondering if it’s wised to put the name down. Maybe I should learn from DK, but ohwells. My position is called, “Customer Experience Management Executive”. Shan’t bore you with the details (: But yeah. How many of you are happy that I am employed? πŸ˜›

To be honest, I am approaching this job with a bit of weariness. Not really sure what to expect or how to go about it. Because I think I expected too much from the previous one and it fell short. All that endless hours of waiting. But HEY! I already like my manager and CEO when I met them during the interview. So it shouldn’t be that bad right?(: AND! It’s not you-know-what (starts with g ends with t).

After 6 months of unemployment, I grew to appreciate the quiet of the night. Often staying up late till 6am. Being around myself and my thoughts. And in these 6 months, I guess I grew up a little bit. Picking up and sorting through the mess I created in 2009. 2009 was just noisy noisy noisy and messy! Right after my exams ended, I started work. Work was just [null]. Everything just got BLAH. So I’m glad I had these 6 months to myself (:

I am going to miss having my own space. Because work literally means crowd in the morning, crowd in the afternoon and crowd in the evening. And when I get home, the constant blaring of the television. But HEY! I can do it (: I have the weekends (oh, you precious precious thing) and I have the usual suspects! So yups!

Here’s to Life 2.0! (:



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