yes, i am still alive!

Week One of work has been interesting enough. Had to hog my sister’s Macbook and work OT on Friday (missed Wondergirls’ showcase because of it). I even went to work on Saturday!

Ended up with a high fever on Sunday night. 39.4degrees and shivering so much that I ended up crying. I hate being cold. I rather be warm than to freeze. Went to work on Monday and got chased home. Went to the doctors and got chided for going to work :X

But yes! I am still alive. Colleagues are nice (: Not going to say much lest I jinx anything.

However! The view from my office has been wonderful!

The first sunset I caught –

The last strip of sunlight in the sky (the day before the rain that flooded Orchard!) –

On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon –

Doubt I will be taking loads of photos this week though. Am on MC till Wednesday and my colleague who sits next to the window is back! So I can’t keep going over to take photo! Maybe I should visit the 17th floor more often! View of the Flyer, MBS and the highway. Hmm.

OHWELL! This sickie must rest now!!

I have so many blogpost backlog! Have to chiong once I get my Fujitsu back!!


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