My fascination with the box of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

So there we were at McDonalds, after Nokia’s The Rookie Grand Finals @ Zouk. Lazing around and rubbing our tummy. And just nuaring. While DK was updating Julian about some stuff, I was fascinated with the box of the Quarter Pounder that Chester had.

credits to mt•MT•Mt on Flickr.

My first question was, “Why is it Mighty Simple? Does that mean that the other one is Mighty Complicated?” HAHAHAH! No one can answer my question though. But Chester brought up a good point. That perhaps on the Double Quarter pounder, it will be, ” Simply Mighty”. Hmm. Let me try googling for it.

OH! Here it is –

from Google Image Search.

Hmm. Twice as mighty? Okay lah. But I prefer Chester’s suggestion. At least it links the two products up!

ANYWAYS! After examining the box, I went, “ come there’s an asterisk next to the pound? *picks up box* where is the subnote?” HAHAHAHA! Chester was sitting directly opposite me so he very nicely replied me by picking up the box and flipping it. Underneath it, it says, “…1 pound = 113 grams of uncooked meat..” OHHHH! Being the curious girl that I am, I asked why would they want to state that and who in the world will go weigh a piece of meat? That’s when Chester told me that it was to avoid lawsuits and about a case of a woman who accidentally poured coffee on herself and sued McDonalds! While the arguments sounds okay, I still think it’s ridiculous that it actually amounted to a lawsuit? I mean, WHO PUTS HOT COFFEE on between their knees?! Read about the lawsuit here.

Going to try to see if there really is a disclaimer on their coffee cups that say something along the line of not putting the cup between knees. Heh. Someone remind me!

I think I asked, “..why did they put with cheese?” and it was answered that they actually produced quarter pounder WITHOUT cheese. OHHHH! HAHAHA! Sorry lah! I don’t take beef mah!

After awhile, I went on to ask, “..Have you noticed how ALL burgers are in boxes EXCEPT McChicken? *looks at my McChicken wrapper*”

I think I got an answer? But except that McChicken, Hamburger and some breakfast burgers are still in wrapper. Apparently it’s to seperate the atas burgers from the cheaper burgers. Filet-O-Fish very atas meh? It’s only $0.50 more expensive than a McChicken! And according to Chester and JLee, they don’t use boxes in Canada. Really? Hmmm.

So why do we use boxes? Is it more environmentally friendly? If not, can we please change back to wrappers?

AHAHAH! Okay, so after that, I stopped asking! Ran out of questions! But it kept me occupied and entertained for at least half an hour.



3 thoughts on “My fascination with the box of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

  1. it’s on their coffee cups: “Warning – contents hot”. Or something along those lines. Actually it’s not the most frivolous lawsuit I’ve ever heard of…I remember learning in business law that a burglar successfully sued the owner of the house he was trying to rob for not making it safe or something like that -_-

  2. I cannot believe you actually turned that 15 minutes of box talk into a blog post. 🙂 Lolx!

    Reminder: Go search for the disclaimer or text printed on the McDonald’s cups indicating they are hot.

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