Nokia Singapore – The Rookie Grand Finals

Thanks to Text 100, I was invited to the Grand Finals of The Rookie @ Zouk last Saturday (: Suaku kia that I am, that was actually my first time there! Hehehe. After spending the whole at work, I rushed down to the event!

What is The Rookie you ask? Well, think Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” in local style! Basically contestants will compete for an internship spot at Zouk, Standard Chartered, Nokia (doh) and Microsoft! (: And one person will then win the title of “THE Rookie” + $5000 in cash!

Confession! I actually did thought of taking part in this cause I was unemployed! But heh. Must do video leh. I am shy!


the judges.

Had a great time watching the finale and discussing about the outfits of the contestants with some of the usual suspects (: And it was interesting to see how the friends of some of the contestants were so enthusiastic! Reminds me of camp. Kinda.

The host was kinda yummy too. But not yummier than my SuperJunior boys though!

the host.

And this being a Nokia show, the host checks the results via a Nokia phone!

hmm. let me check my gmail.

I burst out laughing when he said he was going to check his phone. But great product placement, I guess (:

And what is an event without some cam-whoring with friends?

mus and i! (:

JLee and I (:

Okay, let’s try something new here in the post!

Giveaway! (:

The last episode for the Rookie (the one that I was at) will be out on 2nd July @! And I’ve got a complimentary Zouk pass! Yours truly is not a clubbing sort of girl so I want to give it away!!

SO! Let’s do this…Watch the last episode of the Rookie and tell me who the winner is (: Submit your answer by commenting in this post (by 4th July, 2359) and I will do a draw to give the complimentary pass away! (:

Note that the complimentary pass is valid till the  end of July and admits TWO people!


Lagi no people join then I throw face 😛 *fingers crossed*


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