books and me (:

Ever since I was in Primary 4, I have a very good and deep relationships with books. Goosebumps, Babysitter Club, The Naughtiest Girl in School, Mallory Towers, Tom Swayer and the likes. 3 library cards, 1 trip to the library and 12 books per week. Yes, I was that crazy.

Throughout secondary school, JC and even university, I continued reading. Reading before bedtime. Reading being the first thing I do when I wake up (even before I get out of bed). Reading till I fall asleep. Reading has been an important part of me (:

I love reading into the wee hours of the night. Sacrificing sleep to finish up a book AND not feeling tired the next day. Being plunged and pulled straight into the world of the books. Forgetting about time and your surroundings. I miss those stuff!

Ever since I’ve graduated last year, my reading rate has come to a halt. Even during my unemployed days.

I could not find books that seduce me. The last really solid one that I read was Spiderwick! I loved it so much that I will read every word twice so I will not finish it so quickly! But after that, I just don’t read anymore. I tried but failed. The books are all similar. So plain 😦

And I guess I don’t have a comfortable chair for me to read. So I just stopped.

Maybe I should pick up reading again. But what to read?



One thought on “books and me (:

  1. hi huishan, i still have plenty of Bookworm, Russel Lee, Mr Midnight and Goosebumps at my place. lol. where are you working now ? as?

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