what’s a phone to you?

I was texting Victor about some stuff the other day when we came across a difference. He thinks that a phone is just for communication, while I think that a phone more than communication. It’s a representation of me. Kind of like my dressing and the likes.

To me, who in my circle of friends carry the same phone as me, kind of matter. Or let’s say if Ris Low, Steven “Yellow Underwear” Lim and William Hung carries the same phone as me, I might have second thoughts of carrying that phone.

Cause I tend to look at a phone and create an ‘image’ of the kind of people who will carry the phone. Remember that LG came up with the tiniest phone ever way back in 2003? Anyone who carries that phone heads straight to my “Ah-Lians/Impractical” catergory.

That’s why I am quite careful when it comes to the phone I pick. Omny might seem like a bad choice. But back when it first came out and before I get to know the geeky people, it feels right to me! And hello! I impressed my sister and friends by being able to check emails and all on the go, okay? Don’t play play! And, you won’t link Omny to an Ah-Lian will you? Or an attention seeker? No right? SEE!

So yups! Looking at who around me is getting the Samsung Galaxy S and why they are getting it. I love the phone! But you know *shrugs*

What’s a mobile phone to you then?


Ironman 2 – Whiplash not so FIERCE anymore.

While randomly catching up on 8-days, I read a comment by Robert Downey Jr. about his co-star, Mickey Rourke.

Apparently, Mickey Rourke had Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” blasting over the stereo while he was shooting the scene of him walking down the Morocco Monaco racetrack.

I thought I misunderstood the comments and re-read it! But it’s TRUE! OMG.

Like WHAT?!

I’ll never look at that scene in the same way again.

By the way, I am going to re-read that same comment again when I get my hands on the magazine again. CANNOT BELIEVE IT!

Super Junior for Samsung Galaxy S (:

Warning: Potential fan-girl post!

DK asked if I was interested in the Super Junior showcase a few weeks back. I’ve heard of them but I’ve no idea what’s the big deal about them. So after confirming that Victor and QQ was going, I went along.


You will not believe how many times I have watched their Bonamana performance! Over and over and over again! And when I am feeling a little down, I youtube them to make myself feel better.

But I am still trying to remember their name. At the moment, I can only remember Siwon, Wookie and Donghae! The rest I just refer to them by nickname. Like Leader, girly, JJ and chubby one :X


Starting from the left: ryeowook (wookie), leeteuk, yesung, siwon, heechul (cinderella), sungmin, eunhyuk, donghae (pinnocchio), shindong.

Pardon me if I get their nicknames wrong! Still learning lah! 9 boys at once is hard!

No points for guessing who my favorite is! 😛 SIWON!!!!


He caught my attention during the press conference cause other than Leeteuk, he is the one who responded to the questions. He moved RIGHT UP TO THE TOP when he stood up to offer his mic to an audience. I tell you! I melted. Like really! I blushed! *melts* Totally had a fangirl moment right there. He gets plenty of brownie points for that move ❤

Plus, he knows how to have fun/ tease the fans! Like how he snatched a video camera from the crowd and ‘camwhore’ on stage! Or when he did this –

Licking cream off his fingers (: *melts*

But someone else caught my eyes during the showcase too! Guess who?

Wookie! 😀 Yes! Not too impressed with him during the press conference. I thought he was the usual pretty boy. Not much, not much. But when he dances, he looks fab! (: None of that cutesy air. More hotness. Which is good(: Plus, he is ‘in-charge’ of the higher pitch stuff in the group. Kinda. According to i-Weekly, at least!

I guess, why I like Suju is that the group is formed such that there’s a guy for every girl. If you like cute boys, Wookie and Yesung. Muscle boys? Siwon, Leeteuk and Donghae. Like I’ve said, Suju has every boy for all my different moods (:

Plus, they are so good at teasing the fans? The small drama that occurs while the interview is going on. And the fooling around. You never quite know where to focus – on the person who is talking or the rest of the boys?

I feel like a fangirl all over again. I am even thinking of printing their photos and pasting it in my work station. I need a good picture first though.

Me being me, I actually went to google for the translated version of ‘Bonamana”! I don’t want to end up liking a song that has no content? If you must know, Bonamana is a song for a pretty lady. How the boys want to get her and stuff. Chorus is something like, “..bounce to you bounce to you, my heart beats only for you. Break for you, break for you, my heart will break if you don’t come to me..” or something along that line. So there! 😛

AND! If they come to Singapore for a concert, I AM IN!!!

Not just to see the boys, but also to see their dance moves (:

And yes, I AM OBSESSED! I feel 13 all over again. I even had a dream of touring with the guys! -.-

Enough of me swooning! Here’s one of their most recent performance (not their best though!)-

For more photos, head on over to my Facebook album (; If you can’t view it and is a Suju fan, just drop me a msg!


Maybe I should put a video of their performance in my iPod touch so I can look at it when I feel tired during work. HMMMMM.

Help me get a Samsung Galaxy S!

You know I want it! Especially after reading about my 15-minute with it!

Some of you may know the story behind why I can’t change my phone! If not, here’s the low-down, I upgraded my mobile plan last year so my friend could get an iPhone 3GS. That friend? Let’s not even talk about it. I have been chided by loads of people for my stupidity.

BUT! That’s last year! Lesson learned! Moving on!

SO YES! Chic Magazine is offering $500 to the person with the highest number of Likes!

HELP ME! Help me win that $500 so I can change my phone! It’s aging (2.5years old) and dying! 😦

So head on over to Chic Magazine’s Facebook and click on that LIKE button. PLEASE! *puppy eyes*

The number of votes to beat is 344! HELP! 😀

Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Press Conference (:

Okay, let’s not talk about Super Junior..YET.

Instead, let’s turn our attention to my next phone(:

Yes, I am most probably going to buy it a few months later. Just have to figure out if I want to break my plan or convince someone to start a new line for me (just fyi, I was stupid enough to renew my plan last year so my friend can get an iPhone 3GS).

Reason why I like it: Okay, before I go into the mambo-jumbo. This is the low-down. I don’t want an iPhone because it’s everywhere. PLUS! I have an iPod touch so an iPhone is like redundant. I am a mini-Samsung fan (10 years and counting). So while talking to JLee, DK and Ivy about phones, they told me that Samsung Galaxy S is the one to look out for! So TADA! My 15-minutes with it was rather pleasant (: Easy to use and the touch was great! The general feel of the phone was great too!

My favorite feature of the phone: The AMOLED screen! 4″ of AMOLED goodness. OMG. My first encounter with the AMOLED screen was on the Samsung NX10 and I didn’t have to do this when I want to look at my images –

squint squint.

Bye bye, squinting! With the AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S, the images stay bright and clear! No running into shaded areas to read a message or guessing if you’ve got the perfect photo(: I likey! I was comparing the photo display on Omny and Galaxy S and…Omny paled in comparison 😦 Saaaadd! Here’s the picture of the comparison. But you can’t really see the difference though!

Camwhores ALERT! So after playing with the Galaxy S for awhile, I went, “..I MUST CHECK OUT THE CAMERA!” and it started a frenzy among the others. All of us started flipping through the ‘pages’ to look for the camera icon. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Victor went,”..BEAUTY SHOT BEAUTY SHOT!” and we couldn’t find it initially! But the nice promo guy there went exploring and found it for us. Sooo…THERE IS BEAUTY SHOT! Remember when I wrote my review about Samsung NX10 and I was all ga-ga-ga over that function? Think skin retouching! Think skin softening! Think no more worries about looking bad (:

What I also like about the camera is that you can choose which point to focus? Just touch the area on the screen and TADA! Done! (: I think it’s called touch-focus! Tried camwhoring with it but FAIL! I had to estimate where my face will be and touch that area so that my face will be in focus-.-

smile! (:

Totally out of focus! But hey! I think there’s an auto-focus function! Didn’t have time to fiddle with it though! Cause they were closing and security was literally chasing us out!

PLUS! There’s a self-shot mode where you can use the VGA camera in the front of the phone! Image quality not as excellent though!


This is the ‘usual’ quality using the 5MP camera –

thanks, shuyun!

Pretty awesome considering that the lighting condition was rather bad! *thumbs up*

Many other functions available for the camera like cartoon shot, vintage shot and panorama shot! DANG! I want to try that panorama! OHOH! And it takes almost HD-quality video as the VIP from Samsung very proudly told us during the conference.

But yes, time was short! I abandoned the camera and turned to the nice promo guy to ask him what are the to-look-out-for-features! Which kind of shocked him because I think I was behaving so bimbotically with the camera that he didn’t expect me to ask so many questions. HAHAHAHA! But he tried ok? He went through the brochure with me and stayed back (which means OT) with me while his other buddies went off!

the girl @ the door.

The other stuff: Swype! What’s swype?  Here’s a small video about Swype –

Do you know that the fastest sms was typed in 35 seconds using Swype? It’s the current Guiness World Record! Takes a bit of time to get used to it though. Especially when you are typing the same alphabet one after the other. But overall, it looks and feel okay. Not a big fan but to each his/her own! I think JLee and JNg likes Swype!

Wireless Tethering! iPod touch needs internet before it can go online. So for days when I am too lazy to get out of bed to switch on my router, I like to use Omny for tethering. But the problem with Omny is that, it takes a lot of steps and a substantial amount of time before the wireless tethering thingy happen. I find it too much of a chore, really. But from what I’ve seen so far, Galaxy S can do it pretty quickly! Plus, it’s already build in? You don’t have to download any additional application for it (:

Android 2.1 Android Marketplace. WOOT!

Things I didn’t get to find out more about!

Social Hub: If you know me and know me well, you’ll know that I am almost always glued to my phone. I can be talking to you while checking Facebook, Twitter, emails and Plurk. It doesn’t really mean that I am not listening to you or that I find you boring, but it’s just a habit. A not so brilliant one at that. But yes! SOCIAL HUB! It allows me to check emails and stuff all at one point! WHEE for addicts like me 😀

MobileTV: Basically, this is watching TV on the go. If you signed up for any Galaxy plan offered by Singtel, you will get the Basic Pack that contains 4 channels – CNA, Bloomberg, ETTV Asia and Dragon TV. Sounds kind of interesting? Especially if you are bored outta your mind and your iPod Touch died on you. Happens to me alot.

Layar Reality Browsing: Not quite sure what this is. The nice promo guy was not too sure either. So I youtube-ed it!

Looks like it might be useful for people like me! Spoilt internal GPS and a general suaku-ness.

Yups! I think that’s about it from me about the phone! More or less decided that I will be getting it! So first, a job then SAVE! 😀

For those who are tempted as well, the phone is currently out-of-stock. But you can pre-order it (:

No prize for guessing what my next post is going to be about..Heheheh. SUPER JUNIOR IN SINGAPORE! WOOTS!

[Added on 01/09/2010: Tethering and Wireless]

i miss claudstv.

If you head on over to youtube and search for claudstv, you’ll find ten videos (: There’s even a claudstv.wordpress.com!

Last year, a bunch of bloggers said that we should have a collection of all the stupid things I do. And *tada* the idea kinda took off for awhile and then PLOP.

I guess I was forced to grow up not too long after I started. I lost my randomness.

claudstv stopped. But dang, I miss it. I miss those random days! 😦

But hey, at least it happened right! Here’s one of my favorite video –

Actually, there’s more videos at claud1987. But less funny and more embarrassing! Especially my presentation videos!

Maybe I should re-share some videos on Facebook!

But yes, I miss claudstv 😦

hesitation and growing old.

My grandma fell down on Saturday while she was in the bathroom. Being the strong woman that she is, she refused to tell us that she fell down and kept insisting that she was alright. It was until my mum forced opened the toilet door that we saw her there.

It was quite a sight. I was shocked and I survived on adrenaline alone. I wanted to cry at some point but adrenaline stopped it. I’m glad that my mum was there. Despite her eye-operation, she jumped into control immediately. Without her, I don’t think I could have helped my grams up.

My grams is okay now. We will be observing her for the next few days.

But I am not the hero that everyone think that I am. When I saw my grams and the mess, my first thought was, “..Okay. Mum will take care of it.” Because I couldn’t get over myself. I couldn’t get over my need for cleanliness. Despite knowing that my mum needs my help. That moment of hesitation. Even though I did get over in the end, I can’t help but feel bad about it. Sigh.

Whatever it is. I just want to say thank you, God. For alot of things. For looking after my grams. For giving her the courage so she’ll let us in and help her. For my mum being there. For helping me get over myself.