savings and me(:

I am a squirrel. Not a big one like Justin Lee but a squirrel nonetheless. When I was in Primary One and just started getting pocket money, I will save alot! (: The habit sorta continued until my recent unemployment stint.

I depleted almost 95% of my savings. Including the amount I saved while I was at MOE. Yes, it is THAT bad. Didn’t help that I fell sick and had a brief addiction to cabbing.

Got my payslip on Wednesday and somehow, this little brain of mine started churning again. I realized I need to start building my savings again, get an insurance and start helping with the household expenditures. Then, something else struck me.

I need to start putting aside money for my parents as well. Because most of their savings were poured into the shop last time and I think we are more or less surviving on whatever that my dad is earning now and some of my mum’s savings. So if none of us start putting aside some money for their retirement, they will never retire or cannot enjoy their retirement properly.

SO! I must start mapping out the flow of my pay! Starting by tracking my expenditure this month, trimming it next month and then planning the cash flow (:


Will share about my saving policy and purchasing policy in another post soon (:


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