missing the alarm.

Someone’s alarm was ringing and I was telling my friend that the person is going to oversleep again. Music started playing in my head and then….

*sound of door knob turning* Dad: Shan, you not working today ah?
*prata-ed over and reach for iPod touch* Me: Oh crap. It’s Thursday! It’s 8.15am!

And so began my frantic scrambling and washing up. Dashed out of the house, ran to the MRT station (since cabbing is NOT an option) and managed to reach office at 9.20am.

I kept wondering why I didn’t wake up! I mean I am a light sleeper! VERY LIGHT! In my 22 years and 7 months, I’ve NEVER NEVER EVER oversleep an alarm. I will usually wake up 30 minutes before it is supposed to ring!

Initially, I thought I was getting old. I even posted it on Facebook.

Was seriously quite bothered by it! I mean, yes! I nuar in bed most of the time that’s why I am late. But NEVER have I missed an alarm!

So, while charging Omny tonight and double checking the phone alarm, I made a discovery.


That’s like the THIRD time in 2.5 years! This is baaaaaaadd.

Anyways, Omny probably vibrated itself silly this morning and since it was charging at the foot of my bed, I didn’t feel it-.-


And I’ve NOT broken my perfect record of NOT sleeping over an alarm! *phew*

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