clothes make the man (or in my case, the girl).

I just need to get this off my chest or that phrase will just keep circling round and round in my head. Which will also mean that I will get very very very irritated.

Let’s talk about the way I dress.

I am a simple person. I don’t like clutter. My top priority is comfort. My deepest concern is with my skin quality. I am more of a smell person.

So, with all these rules, I tend to dress really simply. No makeup (to protect my skin). No accessories (don’t like clutter). No loud designs (simple). Nothing restrictive (comfort).

Therefore, I am almost always in jeans, shorts, 3/4 and either racer-back or a simple t-shirt. The most flamboyant top that I have ever worn in the past year? A minnie-mouse t-shirt with a bejeweled ribbon! HAHAHAHA.

Personally, I don’t feel that my dressing style is very cui. Especially when I am in what I was in today – a black racer-back and a pair of jeans. Yes, my dresses and tops are almost all the same. But hey, that’s me! Those clothes? They allow me to be me! I can walk quickly in them, gesture like a mad woman in them, flash people when I want to and just feel okay.

When and IF I start feeling cui about my outfit, you guys better get ready to hit. Because, it probably means that I am very tired, very  emo or falling very very sick. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING.

Oh and, for the record, jeans + a black racer back is a basic model outfit. Not saying I am a model but yeah. How cui can it get?

I understand that everyone has their own different way and idea of what style is. Or to be more exact, everyone has their own idea of how the opposite gender should dress. Like a girl should put on make-up, a girl should wear variety but guys can just stick to their shirt and pants (nadnut will agree!), blah blah blah. It’s okay to have those ideas and voice them out.

But then there is a difference between voicing them out nicely and voicing them out so many times that it starts feeling like you are niao-ing the person.

I am perfectly okay with people commenting on the way I dress – too casual, too low, same color, boring. But I am not okay when the person keeps repeating it and keep commenting about the SAME problem. It’s as irritating as when a person keeps correcting your English. I am NOT your girlfriend/sister so let me dress the way I want.

Plus, look at yourself before commenting. Let’s say, if you think the person has too many dresses with the same cutting, ask yourself if you have too many of a kind of cutting too?


And I love what Jerrick told me once, “..I like the way you dress. It just speaks for itself. No need to accessorise!” AAAWWWWWWWW~

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