Removing the autorun.inf virus!

I think my work desktop is infected with this virus/worm/trojan or whatever it is. First, it infected my Canon thumbdrive, then my MBS thumbdrive and now, my 1.5TB external thumbdrive.

It’s really really irritating. All of them will be detected as a folder and cannot be opened when you are in My Computer. I had to reformat my Canon thumbdrive and my MBS thumbdrive! All my data GONE GONE GONE!

So when it attacked my 1.5TB thumbdrive, I was devastated! ALL MY PHOTOS ARE INSIDE!!

For some reason, I saw this autorun file in the other 2 thumbdrives and decided that it must be something to do with this file. Googled abit and tried several method.

First, via deleting the file manually. FAIL.

Then, deleting the file via cmd. FAIL.

Then, trying to delete the file via Autorun Eater! BINGO!

OMG! I love it sooooo much!! Just run the program and it will scan your drives for the file. Once it find it, it will ask you what you want to do with it!

I chose delete and now, my external HDD is FINALLY detected normally (: My files are still intact too! *phew*

SO, guys, head on over to Autorun Eater and download it! I am so going to make a donation when I get my pay next month!

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