I will pass by a row of POSB/DBS ATMs on my way to work every morning and it will always be crowded.

This morning, I saw from far that there was no queue and I need to draw my weekly pocket money! MUST BE MY LUCKY DAY! NOT.

Walked up to the first ATM and saw,”This ATM is temporarily out of service.”

Darn! Walked to the next one and saw the same msg. I actually re-coil and took a step back. Collected myself and walked off like nothing happened while trying to take a peek at the other ATMs. WAHAHAHA!

Came into office and checked FB via Omny. Saw Lester’s status update and smelled ikan bilis so I googled! Stumbled upon hardwarezone and found out that ATMs are down EVERYWHERE. told my colleagues and the message was relayed upwards *stress*

Half an hour later, saw DBSbank on Twitter! Smart move perhaps? Twitter account might help to lighten the load on the main site! PLUS! It shows that you are listening! NICE!

I know how tight-lipped the banking industry is. So kudos to the management who OKAY-ed the Twitter acct so fast! A good case study for me! :p

Still closely looking at the situation but last I heard, ATMs are up! Woots! But it must suck to work in the call-center and their customer experience unit!



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