i’m a noisy neighbour @ work.

At least I think I am.

Given my clumsiness, I have a tendency to knock my knees on the edge of the table. Sometimes, the knock will be loud enough to be heard. But most of the time, you will hear, “Ouch. SHIT!”

At this point, I am noisy a tiny blueblack on my left knee. It seems to be expanding though.

AND! I tend to talk to myself or mumble to myself. So I will tend to go, “..Hmm. Should I..Center? Left? Hmm.” Just choppy random thoughts that I voice out.

OR! I tend to sing! Sometimes, I will plug my iPod touch in and blast the music. And when something good comes up, I will sing! HAHAHAHA! I don’t know how loud it is though:X

So yes. I think I am a noisy neighbour at work 😛


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