cinnamon melts are back! (:

While going to McDonalds to get my regular apple pie + XS small coke, I saw a poster that says that Spicy McNuggets are back! (:

If you must know, I love Spicy McNuggets and I did this while ordering them last time –

 [can’t insert here. but go to YouTube and search for “Feast of Fury” (:]

And while he was tempting me to get some Spicy McNuggets for tea (tempted but NO!), I saw something familar! A brown and white box, with cube buns and condensed milk on it! I was about to ask, “Why they put it there when it is no longer around?” when I saw, right below all the coffees, there’s a small line –


Cinnamon Melts              $2.80

At which point I turned to my colleague and went, “OMG!! GUESS WHAT!” and he was quick! He went, “I know. Your cinnamon melts is back!” WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I was so excited that I was jumping-.- And I even called Victor who was missing it last time! Heeee!

So, here we go! My love ! 😀


I just msged my sister and her reply was, “…Noooo! Don’t overdose!” HAHAHAHAHAH!

I emailed Lai and Juan too! And Janelle too! I must spread my joy!

OM NOM NOM NOM! Just finished one box and I feel like having another :X But McDonalds is far! REN!!!!


2 thoughts on “cinnamon melts are back! (:

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