that lizard is a pervert!

First, there was the grasshopper near the door. Then the lizard in the bathroom!


Was happily washing my hair with a tune stuck in my head when I saw this black bunch of stuff on the floor. Thinking that it might just be hair (which I am dropping alot ever since I got my perm), I ignored. But suddenly, the “bunch of stuff” moved upstream!

Against the flow of the water!!

Slow person that I am, I went, “..OH LOOK! The hair is moving upwards! Is it stuck to my feet?” I moved backwards and the “bunch of stuff” continued to move upstream! It was then that I realised that it’s a lizard! WTF.

Put on my specs and started spraying it with the showerhead! After much yelling and yelping, it was washed in the drain. The end right? NO!

It climbed back up T_T I quickly wrapped myself in the towel and had to wake up my dad who very quickly picked the lizard up.


Anyways, today, I realised that LIZARDS CAN SWIM!! DAMMIT!


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