Korean phrase for the week (: – Lesson il

If you’re on my Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know I’m kind of caught up in the recent K-wave. But truth to be told, I’ve always wanted to take up Korean since secondary school. While everyone was going gaa-gaa over Japanese, my heart was set on learning Korean.

It got put off cause I didn’t have the resources and even in university, I can never get a slot for the elusive Korean 101 lessons.

So, I think I am going to sign up for Korean lessons at NUS Nex on 2nd Sept! Join me if you want! But I think I am going to pick up some stuff from podcast, iPod Touch applications and Youtube week by week. Might as well share it! 😀

Here’s the first one! Correct me if I am wrong (:

Days of the week:
Monday (wol-yo-it):  wolyoil 월요일

Phrases for the week:
Good morning/afternoon/Hello (an-nyong-ha-sae-yo): annyeonghaseyo

Good bye (an-nyong-e-kah-se-yo):  annyeonghikaseyo 안녕히 가세요

Apparently, there’s 2 ways of saying goodbye. One is when the person is leaving, the other is when you are leaving. I couldn’t figure out the other and after youtube-ing it, I think the one above works just fine (:

Oh and just like Japanese, there’s formal and informal. Therefore, the informal way of saying both the phrase is an-nyong.

Yups! That’s it from me this week! An-nyong! 😀


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