Bad Service @ McDonald’s Boat Quay

After travelling around the entire Singapore for the entire morning, I decided to get McDonald’s before heading back to the office for more work. 

Was surprised that there was NO queue, especially since it was lunchtime (around 1.20pm). I couldn’t decide if I wanted the 9-piece Spicy McNuggets meal or the 6-piece McNuggets meal and was not too sure about the price. From past experience, the 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal is entired to the Lunchtime Special of $4.50 but I’ve never bought the 9-piece meal during lunch before.  So I went up to the counter and asked about the price of the 9-piece meal. The service staff (Rahku or something) turned away when I was asking the question. Okay….So I repeated it once again and she immediately keyed the meal into the cashier! So I went, “Sorry. I would like to find out the price first.” with a SMILE ok? The lady gave me a “Is she an idiot look?” and then point to the board rudely. WAH LAO! Of course I know the normal price but it’s lunch hour now! And that was not what I asked! Since I didn’t get the answer I wanted and the service staff was obviously pissed, I told her I would just get the 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal. She mumbled something that I couldn’t hear. I went, “Sorry?” and she mumbled the same thing which I still can’t hear! Seeing that there’s a customer behind me, I assumed that she was asking what drinks I wanted – Coke with EXTRA ice. I was already a little unhappy at that point in time and pre-occuppied with some work messages so I just paid and shifted to the side.  

 The first thing I noticed was that she gave me the World Cup glass and the Chipotle powder. But I didn’t ask for an upsize! At no point in our conversation, did I say yes to upsize. I said 6-piece Spicy McNuggets meal (with hand gestures of 6, btw) and my drinks will be Coke with extra ice. But since the queue was getting a little long, I just kept quiet. $0.50 I can afford. Then came the ULTIMATE thing.  

 I was given a 9-piece Spicy McNuggets meal! Like WTF? I very politely told the staff who got me my meal and said, “..I think I asked for a 6-piece not 9..” At which point, the service staff from before turned and barked, “You ASKED for 9-piece right?”  I said I asked for the price but my final decision was a 6-piece! She wanted to argue with me can? But her manager came in and said, “Just return her the money.”  

WTF!! That was rude. You should never do that in front of the customers. What the manager could have done is to apologise and return me the difference.  But nope. She took the change from the cash register and handed it over to me without even making eye-contact! I even said, “Thank you!” but she was gone after handing me the money.  

Okay, great. I was pissed enough as it is but thinking about my favorite cinnamon melts, I decided to just chalk it up to bad luck and let it go.
Halfway back to the office, I realised I didn’t take sauce. So I went back to get it, the SAME service staff threw the sauces at me. GRRR.  


Back at the office, I opened my cinnamon melts only to find this –   


The cinnamon melts was not heated up! The box was cold and the condensed milk was not melted! In fact, it was lumpy! Don’t tell me that it must have cooled down. Because I walked in the hot sun and took it out 10 minutes after I reached office! URGH!  

Bad bad experience! I know I will still go back to the McDonald’s since it’s the only one available near my office. But I think I will stop frequenting it everyday after lunch. My dose of apple pie and cinnamon melts can wait. And if I want Coke? There’s always 7-eleven.  



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