Sunday Sunday(:

I think the best day to take a leave is Monday (: Other than the fact it makes your weekend longer, it chases away the Monday Blues! And you can have a really restful Sunday that a Friday-Saturday-Sunday weekend won’t (:

After a busy Saturday, I met up with Janelle for a haircut at Far East (: We were texting each other even though we are next to the other! HAHAHAHA! Hairdryer very loud ah. Hard to talk over it! 😛

New/Refreshed look for us both !

After which, we both headed to McDonalds for our first meal of the day (kinda!)

It was just a good thing that we both wanted Spicy Nuggets but didn’t want a full meal (cause dinner was a few hours away)! We shared!! Cinnamon melts was great and the service too! Unlike the one at Boat Quay.

And then I had like 2.5hours to spend alone while waiting for QQ and Victor! SO! I decided to head to Borders!

I love being around books. I love the smell of books (: I walked around browsing before grabbing “Eat, Pray, Love” and settling down. Watched some videos on Youtube and read 1 chapter of the book (not too bad!) OH! Quality people-watching too 😀

It’s kinda funny. Last weekend, I wanted snuggles but this weekend? I am celebrating and enjoying every single bit of being alone (: YAY to SINGLEDOM! Seriously, nothing has changed. I like being by myself (:

Before I know it, it was time to meet QQ and Victor (: Dinner, loiter, HOME! 😀

And best part is? NO WORK ON MONDAY! NUARS~

PLUS! Meeting ber for dinner!!

OH! I bought Elmo and a new bottle of perfume too!

Restful Sabbath indeed 😀

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