Super Junior, HWAITING! (:

You know this is coming! HAHAHAHA!

But yes, Suju has performed their last performance (: No more weekly performance for them. BUT! CONCERT!!

Contrary to what I’ve said, my ‘interest’ in them is still not waning! No thanks to bernice 😛 But HEEEE!

This last performance has to be their best yet! I think they started promotion of their 4th album in all black and now, it ends with all black too! Remixing No Other with Bonamana is meaningful cause Bonamana clinched many FIRSTs and the dance steps ends with a bow (:

So here we go!

I am so going to miss them! A fun group to watch! But SS3, HERE I COME! YAHOOO!

With that said, I have something new to look forward to every week! After Hello Baby (still stuck at episode 9-.-), SHINee is my new favorite!

Back last week with their new album, Lucifer, they are hot! Can I just say that Minho is like Siwon? AHWELL! Best comeback performance!

Heeheee (:


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