Korean phrase for the week (: – Lesson ee (two)

An-nyong! 안녕!

Every time I think about my upcoming Korean lessons, my heart skips a little (: After so many years, I can FINALLY fulfill a ‘dream’ ! Hopefully the class gets confirmed soon!

Meanwhile, last week was 월요일l (Monday, wolyoil )! So, this week we have –

Days of the week:

Tuesday (wha-yoh-eel): Hwayoil 화요일

Phrases for the week:

Thank you (kam-sa-ham-ni-da): kamsahamnida 감사합니다
You’re welcome (cheong-man-ne-yo) : Cheonmaneyo 천만에요 [formal]
(aunt-ni-eh-you) : Anieyo 아니에요 [informal]

That’s it for this week (:


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