here we go again!

The last time, I tried to get some moolahs to help me get Samsung Galaxy S. But this time, I NEED YOUR HELP AGAIN!

Saw this message on Facebook –

We’re giving away two NX10 cameras to our precious fans! All you need to do is ‘LIKE’ our new Samsung Cameras Singapore Page & make a comment on the Wall. If you can tell us how much you want one of our cameras, or even better, can get all your friends to Like our Page and comment on your post, it will boost your chances!

And I’ve “LIKED” the page, now it’s time for you to Like it too! And like my post as well!

Here’s what to do –

Step 1: Head to and join the page.

Step 2: Like/Comment on the link that I’ve shared!

Step 3: Wish me luck!! (:

You know I’ve been a fan of Samsung! You know I like NX10 for more than it’s Beauty Function! You know my D300 is too heavy to carry around!  SO HELP ME GET A NX10!!!


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