just to say.

It feels kind of surreal, really. How far away that bad period feels.

How I can only remember my numerous trips to IKEA with QQ, Victor and Vincent to get over my bad mood. How I clung onto the usual suspects to prevent myself from getting upset.

And then…There’s that song. Smile by Lily Allen. It described the whole process very well.

The first time I walked away from you and cried my eyes out because we felt like strangers. Nicole had her arms around me while we were walking to an event.

I guess, from then on, I started getting myself back. Picking up the pieces. Heeding the advice of my friends. Generally, becoming Huishan that everyone used to know before the whole effing fiasco happened.

Now, when I walked the same path, I don’t feel anything. That same path that used to bring back so much feelings. That was my EMO place. No more.

Looking at my life now, everything seem so far away.

Blessed I am (:

With friends like the usual suspects. With friends. With everything.

Part and parcel of growing up, yes? (:

not too long ago.

It feels like forever since I got my hair curled. But it’s only been 6 months!


While going through one of my album in Facebook, I stumbled across loads of photos with my straight hair. And darn! I MISS MY STRAIGHT HAIR!!!

AHHH! So tempted to rebond my hair again! Then again, most people seem to agree that I look better with curls. I DONT KNOW!!


Maybe I should cut my hair short. Like Yoona’s?

But auntie hor? zzzz.HOOOWWWW!!!

new blog title(:

While almost applying my hair cream (instead of my pimple cream) on my face AGAIN, this phrase popped into my mind –

As if being a sotong is not enough, I have to be a CLUMSY sotong.

Therefore, I have decided to change the title of my blog to..”Life of the clumsy sotong” (:

I know many people will agree. AHAHAHAHA! I am not only bad with directions, I am really really clumsy! 😛

insert disc into E:\

There’s just something about the good old DVD.

Been watching 宫궁 the past month (Slow right?) and the feeling of knowing the next episode is just within reach, of pushing out my CD drive and putting the disc in is rather…comforting. No worries about not being able to find the next episode. Or watching the next episode in low quality. Or with bad subtitles. Or pre-loading the episodes to avoid “peak” hours.

SO! I think I am going to start buying DVDs for dramas. Not ALL. Just those that I’ve heard good reviews about (:

I know, I know. Many of you are going to say I am stupid/dumb/silly and all. Especially since most shows are now consolidated into playlists and their quality can even be in HD! But…I don’t know!

Anyway, DVDs are rather cheap these days. Just $29.90, I think (: If I buy one drama every 2 months…It’s not that bad *pause* RIGHT?

宫(궁)- Princess Hours

I have re-watched this show for a total of 4, maybe even 5 times (: That makes it about once every year! Heh.

Watching this show almost always bring back a small part of me back in 2006. I can still remember the exact feeling I had back then. Just entered university, struggling to cope, trying to get used to the independent lifestyle. Of course, trying to get used to my friends (who were mostly in poly) who will be entering the workforce. And there was that ‘limbo r/s thingy’ I had back then.

This was sort of my comfort show. Like how people have comfort food (:

The storyline is simple and straightforward. Modern day Cinderella!

While everyone is going over gaa-gaa over 律君 (the ousted-prince), I was going gaa-gaa over 信君. I think it has to do with the fact that I like guys who are like that. Semi-macho, semi-mcp but actually is quite a softie (: WAHAHAH! Plus, it didn’t help that 律君 is always wearing that necklace! That one piece of necklace that you have to loop around your neck. IT TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF WORK (Perlini’s Silver had a similar piece)!! >.<

But yes (: This show always made me smile and laugh like an idiot! Everytime I watch it, I have a different feel? It’s the book, “The Little Prince”! Everytime I read it, I will have a different “revelation”. Heh. There’s always something new to discover!

This time, I fell in love with this song (no, not Stay!) –

If you have this song, SEND ME *points to self*

Something new. I actually teared while watching the last episode! I.Actually.Teared. Why is this news? Well..Yours truly DONT cry or tear at shows. Even while watching Marley and Me, I DIDNT CRY!!!! BAH! Weak! I have turned soft (and teh!).

ANYWAYS!, I have finally finished watching! Took me a month! Onwards and upwards! To You’re Beautiful! To Grey’s Anatomy! To Oh My Lady! To Gossip Girl!

So many shows, so little time!

宅女in the making >.<

Oh yeah, KOREAN LESSONS HAD BEEN CONFIRMED!! (will probably announce it on Facebook as a status).

the bump.

I don’t think I blogged about this. But yes, some time back in February, when I was busy with cleaning my room, I bumped my head.

This is the “crime” scene –

See that small bedside drawers and the wall cabinet above it? So, Little Miss Clever *points to self* was so satisfied with having cleaned her drawers, she stood up REALLY quickly and then BANG! Right side of my head collided with the corner of the wall cabinet!

I yelped and tried to push it off as nothing. Happily continued to clean the rest of my room. It was only when I was washing my hands a few hours later that I realised that there’s bleeding T_T Not alot to cause alarm but enough 😦 So I went to my mum to sajiao! HAHAHA! Pain ok?!

My mum loves blueblacks and ‘baluku’ so she rubbed ointment onto the bump with all her might while I screamed away like nobody’s business. You know my pain tolerance is HIGH! So I think it’s painful, can you imagine how painful it actually is by normal standards? OUCH!

My mum also tried to use a soft boiled egg on the bump. But the egg was so hot when it touched my head that I jumped and broke the egg T_T GG!

Seeing that all methods failed and because of CNY, we kind of forgot about the bump.

Once in a while, it will throbbed a bit to remind me that it is there. Nothing much. But today?

It throbbed ALOT! And everything it throbs, I will want to puke 😦 And the bump is back! One side is slightly swollen T_T


Miss Klutzy has reached an ultimate level of klutzy-ness. Sigh.

a YOG filled weekend (:

A quick summary of the weekend!

It started with an invite to watch B2st and 4 minute (:

And I ended up with 2 tickets to YOG Opening Ceremony (:

Let’s talk about Celebrations @ Marina Bay first!

Being the ang-moh pai that I was, I was pleasantly blown over when I attended the Super Junior’s showcase by Samsung. Then I realised my oldest friend, ber, is a closet K-Pop fan and she brought me into the K-Pop world! At the same time, my interest in the Korean language was rekindled! WOOHOO!

While I am mostly a Super Junior, Shinee and sometimes SNSD fan, I happily and eagerly agreed when Daniel offered me tickets to watch B2st and 4 minute! Why? Because I know the performances will be awesome! And yeah! I was not disappointed! (:

While I feel that 4 minute feels like Sesame Street with their constant “1-2-3-4!” and B2st similarity to Suju, I had fun that night! I even have my favorite members from each group!

(according to Jerold) sohyun (:

Doo Joon (or something)!

I am most definitely going to listen to more of their songs (:

By the end of the performance on Friday, I was pretty exhausted YET psyched about the opening ceremony the next day! WOOHOO!

Climbed out of bed at around 2pm (slept at 6am!) and dragged myself to City Hall to meet my friend! We made a pit stop around Esplanade because my friend was attracted to the Y-Festival’s BBoy Competition!

photo taken with Galaxy S.

Ahh…YOG Opening Ceremony (: I think it has converted me from a person who could care less about YOG to a person who is more aware and slightly more interested in it ! Does that even make sense?

For the first time since the mascots are out, I actually think that they are cute! I was almost tempted to get their plushies!

Lyo & Merly

The opening ceremony is filled with people from different countries! There were young american boys sitting behind us and next to us? Parents all the way from South Africa to support their kids who are swimmers! WOOHOO!

Everyone cheered so hard when the countries were read out one by one! And of course, everyone took out the doves/hearts from their interactive kit (aka goodie bag) and waved like mad!

Then there were the tattoos!

All-in-all, I am more than YOG ready now (:

I hope it’s not too late! I want to watch (and shoot) gymnastic! But no more tickets! I guess watching them on TV will have to suffice. 😀

How about you? ARE YOU READY FOR YOG? (:

P/S: Thanks to Daniel and Samsung (once again) for the invite! 😀 Thanks for being such great sponsors!