when you’re stuck in the middle.

Okay, if you’re on my Twitter and have met me these few days, you’ll know I have been trying to decide between an iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S.

You all know about my brief encounter with Samsung Galaxy S and how I am a mini-Samsung fan girl (Samsung-ing for the past 9 years).

Round 1

When the price for iPhone 4 came out, I was floored. 16GB for $888! While Galaxy S is $890! I was all ready to wait and get a white iPhone 4 at the end of the year.

As much as I love Samsung, I have to be a tad more considerate towards my own wallet.

Winner: iPhone 4

Round 2

The same day that I’ve decided to buy an iPhone 4, ber sms-ed me and told me that there’s lobang to get Samsung Galaxy S at $800.

I was like, “OK!! $800! Wallet-friendly yah?”  WOOHOO!!

Even though the price has increased a bit, it’s still cheaper than iPhone 4.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S

Round 3

That day while taking a break from work, I went to click on the archive of my blog and stumbled upon this post.

Somewhere in there, I mentioned that I don’t like to have all my functions congregate in one device. Don’t put all your eggs in your basket. And DING! It struck me that this still holds true for me.

I don’t want to be left with a situation where my phone died and my songs dies too. If that happens, I will die too.

I am also a person who likes to have her personal space once in a while. Sometimes, I can just leave my handphone in my bag and live with my iPod touch (music, videos, game!). I will snuggle up in bed, enjoying the moment of not having to reply sms-es or answer calls. I am oblivious to the ringing of those thing. Just me and my iPod touch. A little like an ostrich sticking its head into a hole and hope it’s predator won’t find it. But yeah.

If I get an iPhone 4, I CAN’T DO THAT!!! Having music/videos/games means having my phone with me. I can no longer “leave” my phone in my bed and pretend that nothing happened. I know there’s flight mode but erm…PEOPLE WILL KNOW I AM BEING ANTI-SOCIAL!! I cant use the “Oh, I didn’t hear my phone!” excuse anymore because DAMNIT! I am on Twitter so how can I not hear my phone right? RIGHT?!

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S

Round 4

SO! You know how I’ve always wanted to learn Korean (since 14). And how I will be starting Korean classes (pending confirmation from NUS Nex) soon. Which means I might need to google for Korean terms or write Korean alot in the days to come.

Samsung Galaxy S (as far as I know) can’t read/write Korean 😦 iPhone 4 can.

Winner: iPhone 4

Current Situation

I tweeted @samsungsg and asked about the Korean thing. They say they will get back to me. I hope that they will have a solution to my Korean situation. If they do, I will have a clear winner.

If they don’t? I think my 5-day old headache will turn from a dull ache to a full-fledged throbbing one.


I have an iPod Touch that’s why the factor about downloading applications doesn’t affect my decision.

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