toning up.

For most part of my life, the first reaction when people see me is, “..DAMN! She’s skinny!” And I agree. My weight was always fluctuating between 42 and 44kg! I can binge all I like but the weight remains and I stay skinny.

The only time I got heavier was back in 2007? I think I put on about 10kg in a month. As always, when I put on weight, it all goes to the face and that area around the armpits!

2007: with the bestie(:

I lost all 10kg when I started school. I think I was happily back to 42kg in less than 2 weeks! No, I’m not kidding. I think it’s the stress and the long commuting hours that made me lose weight so quickly.

In contrast, last year was pretty bad. I was going through a rough patch (work and a sticky situation) and I lost ALOT of weight. At some point, I think I was only about 40kg? I was not in the mood to eat and I was shooting quite a bit.

Now that I am working again, I’ve put on weight AGAIN. With lunch kakis who are more than happy to go to McDonalds with me after our proper lunch and colleagues who are very happy to buy chips and food, I PUT ON WEIGHT!

I am now at 46kg (last weighed 2 weeks ago)! My face is rounder (mum told me so) and I think that my legs are not as slim as they used to be 😦 The curves at the waists are starting to become less curvy. URGH!

So, I think it’s time I start to tone up! Either through yoga or gym. Then again, I will have no idea what to work on in the gym and would prefer to have a “personal trainer”. BUT THATS EXPENSIVE!

Perhaps, yoga is a better choice. I am not very flexible and my posture is NEVER good. On top of ‘toning’ up, I guess yoga can help to improve that (:

YUPS! Don’t laugh! But I am pretty serious about this. It’s time I take charge of my life and do something to it!

Yoga buddies anyone?

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