my bad experience with Citibank.

A bad experience is a bad experience and I think I should just say it out.

Citibank started a referral program with bloggers recently. Since I was considering on applying a card from them anyways, I thought I might as well do it through Victor. So happily, used the link that was provided on his site, filled in an application form and submitted my CPF statements online.

Simple, right? (: NO!

I received a call that afternoon but as I was in a meeting, I couldn’t answer the phone. Did a quick google and found that it was from Citibank so I called back and left a voicemail. I didn’t receive a return call until 3 days later.

The lady who called me told me that she has received my contacts and that she will be sending me an application form that I will need to fill up. Happily thinking that it was a confusion, I told her that I’ve already sent in an application form WITH my CPF statement. She insisted that I didn’t and told me that what I’ve filled up was actually a contact form.

We argued about this for a while before I said, “..Look. I can send you the confirmation letter that CPF sent me, if you want..” It was only at this point that the lady said she will look into it and get back to me.

She got back to me a few hours later and told me that they will be retrieving my CPF statement and will be sending me some forms that I will need to sign and send back to them. I thought, “PHEW! At least that’s done!” But NOOOOOOOO!

I took a quick look at the forms that was sent to me and saw plenty of ugly “SIGN HERE” sticker all over the file. FINE. I realised there was like 5 forms to sign? Feeling that it was a bit weird, I took some time to read the documents and WOW! On top of the form that was for my credit card application, there’s Citi Alert + Card Protection + Travel Insurance + CPP. At the same time, she ticked “Citibank Ready Credit” under my credit card application form. I don’t know. If I apply for the credit card, does that mean I have to apply for Ready Credit too? No right?

I mean, I know that it is usual for banks to try to upsell stuff! But the thing is…She should have at least told me that those forms are coming my way? Can you imagine if I just blindly sign and send back all the forms to her? There will so many additional charges!!

The same lady called me this morning and when I told her about this, she said, “..Oh. It’s okay. Even if you signed those forms, we will call you and double confirm that you’ve applied for all those stuff.” BUT! THAT IS NOT THE POINT! You are making your customers do EXTRA stuff! And signatures should not be dosed out like that!

I told her that I was pretty unhappy with this and that I think I will just head down to the branch and apply there directly. AND GUESS WHAT SHE DID?! She keep bringing up the fact that if I go down to the branch, I won’t be helping Victor anymore. I was like, “That’s okay. I’m sure he will understand.” She kept repeating it? Are you trying to guilt me into applying from you? GAH!

Even though, she offered to come pick up the forms from me personally, I have such a bad experience that I don’t really want to deal with her anymore. So I rejected her firmly.

So, here’s my bad experience with Citibank in plain English.

I might still head down to the branch to apply for the cards but I will no longer be smiling everytime I see a Citibank ad.

P/S: I have to re-submit my CPF forms again if I head down to the branch. Like SERIOUSLY?


2 thoughts on “my bad experience with Citibank.

  1. Hi.. I’ve got a bad experience with Citibank too with an ongoing case that seemed to take ages to complete.

    Duplicate billings sent to me few months later when the original payment were already settled months ago. Following is the hassle of the paperwork, meanwhile receiving the SOP service reply from Customer Correspondence & Services.

    The ironic part is when I ‘dug’ out and present them the facts of case — ‘Hello, I had already settled these bills in 2009 and these are the transactions..’, the reply from them was ‘… case still pending.’ -_-”

    I ought to applaud them for their enthusiasm that the case is still ‘running marathon’ in their database with ending point nowhere in sight

    Well, even though without due diligence, the least we could ask from them is to treat each customer with at least due intelligence.

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