my friends and korean!

You know I’ve been trying to speak Korean these past weeks. I even started a mini-series (which is on hiatus) on common Korean phrases. Sometimes, I get really funny reactions when I try Korean on my friends.

So, here’s a collection of reactions from my friends and colleagues when I try to use Korean!

1. Are you talking to me?

One of my colleagues, Daniel, came up to my unit to visit us. When he was leaving, I said, “Annyeong!” really loudly! But Daniel didn’t react! Thinking that he didn’t hear me, I repeated myself. He continued to walk away T_T

Thomas, the colleague seating next to me, went, “See lah! Speak Korean, no one understands you!”


2. I have no name for this

One day, before I left work, I said, “Annyeong!” to everyone. Only CP answered!

Thomas stood up and went, “Sayonara!” and eveyone replied with “Bye”.


3. Can you please make up your mind!

There are some phrases that I’ve yet to learn. So I tend to speak in Japanese.

So that day while having prata with Victor, I went, “Chotto matte!” and the reply I got was…

“Miss, can you please make your mind? You want Korean or Japanese ah?”


4. Okay, I don’t care. I am just going to eat.

I think this was during lunch while we were having Pepper Lunch at Funan.

I went, “Jalmukesumneda!” And Thomas went, “Itadakimasu!”

CS went, “AIYA! Just eat!”


5. Ok, ok. You can go!

So after meeting up with Sivan, Mabel, YK, JM and JC last night. We were about to part ways at the junction near Deyi.

I went, “Annyeonghi gaseyo!” and bowed. Very polite!

But Sivan teased, “Okay. Okay. You can go! Bye! *grabs Mabel’s arms*”


So yups! These are the few funny reactions that I get when I try to speak Korean 😀

[Footnote: Thomas is not anti-Korean and pro-Japanese. He watches “Hello Baby – SNSD” :D]


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