a YOG filled weekend (:

A quick summary of the weekend!

It started with an invite to watch B2st and 4 minute (:

And I ended up with 2 tickets to YOG Opening Ceremony (:

Let’s talk about Celebrations @ Marina Bay first!

Being the ang-moh pai that I was, I was pleasantly blown over when I attended the Super Junior’s showcase by Samsung. Then I realised my oldest friend, ber, is a closet K-Pop fan and she brought me into the K-Pop world! At the same time, my interest in the Korean language was rekindled! WOOHOO!

While I am mostly a Super Junior, Shinee and sometimes SNSD fan, I happily and eagerly agreed when Daniel offered me tickets to watch B2st and 4 minute! Why? Because I know the performances will be awesome! And yeah! I was not disappointed! (:

While I feel that 4 minute feels like Sesame Street with their constant “1-2-3-4!” and B2st similarity to Suju, I had fun that night! I even have my favorite members from each group!

(according to Jerold) sohyun (:

Doo Joon (or something)!

I am most definitely going to listen to more of their songs (:

By the end of the performance on Friday, I was pretty exhausted YET psyched about the opening ceremony the next day! WOOHOO!

Climbed out of bed at around 2pm (slept at 6am!) and dragged myself to City Hall to meet my friend! We made a pit stop around Esplanade because my friend was attracted to the Y-Festival’s BBoy Competition!

photo taken with Galaxy S.

Ahh…YOG Opening Ceremony (: I think it has converted me from a person who could care less about YOG to a person who is more aware and slightly more interested in it ! Does that even make sense?

For the first time since the mascots are out, I actually think that they are cute! I was almost tempted to get their plushies!

Lyo & Merly

The opening ceremony is filled with people from different countries! There were young american boys sitting behind us and next to us? Parents all the way from South Africa to support their kids who are swimmers! WOOHOO!

Everyone cheered so hard when the countries were read out one by one! And of course, everyone took out the doves/hearts from their interactive kit (aka goodie bag) and waved like mad!

Then there were the tattoos!

All-in-all, I am more than YOG ready now (:

I hope it’s not too late! I want to watch (and shoot) gymnastic! But no more tickets! I guess watching them on TV will have to suffice. 😀

How about you? ARE YOU READY FOR YOG? (:

P/S: Thanks to Daniel and Samsung (once again) for the invite! 😀 Thanks for being such great sponsors!


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