the bump.

I don’t think I blogged about this. But yes, some time back in February, when I was busy with cleaning my room, I bumped my head.

This is the “crime” scene –

See that small bedside drawers and the wall cabinet above it? So, Little Miss Clever *points to self* was so satisfied with having cleaned her drawers, she stood up REALLY quickly and then BANG! Right side of my head collided with the corner of the wall cabinet!

I yelped and tried to push it off as nothing. Happily continued to clean the rest of my room. It was only when I was washing my hands a few hours later that I realised that there’s bleeding T_T Not alot to cause alarm but enough 😦 So I went to my mum to sajiao! HAHAHA! Pain ok?!

My mum loves blueblacks and ‘baluku’ so she rubbed ointment onto the bump with all her might while I screamed away like nobody’s business. You know my pain tolerance is HIGH! So I think it’s painful, can you imagine how painful it actually is by normal standards? OUCH!

My mum also tried to use a soft boiled egg on the bump. But the egg was so hot when it touched my head that I jumped and broke the egg T_T GG!

Seeing that all methods failed and because of CNY, we kind of forgot about the bump.

Once in a while, it will throbbed a bit to remind me that it is there. Nothing much. But today?

It throbbed ALOT! And everything it throbs, I will want to puke 😦 And the bump is back! One side is slightly swollen T_T


Miss Klutzy has reached an ultimate level of klutzy-ness. Sigh.


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