insert disc into E:\

There’s just something about the good old DVD.

Been watching 宫궁 the past month (Slow right?) and the feeling of knowing the next episode is just within reach, of pushing out my CD drive and putting the disc in is rather…comforting. No worries about not being able to find the next episode. Or watching the next episode in low quality. Or with bad subtitles. Or pre-loading the episodes to avoid “peak” hours.

SO! I think I am going to start buying DVDs for dramas. Not ALL. Just those that I’ve heard good reviews about (:

I know, I know. Many of you are going to say I am stupid/dumb/silly and all. Especially since most shows are now consolidated into playlists and their quality can even be in HD! But…I don’t know!

Anyway, DVDs are rather cheap these days. Just $29.90, I think (: If I buy one drama every 2 months…It’s not that bad *pause* RIGHT?


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