just to say.

It feels kind of surreal, really. How far away that bad period feels.

How I can only remember my numerous trips to IKEA with QQ, Victor and Vincent to get over my bad mood. How I clung onto the usual suspects to prevent myself from getting upset.

And then…There’s that song. Smile by Lily Allen. It described the whole process very well.

The first time I walked away from you and cried my eyes out because we felt like strangers. Nicole had her arms around me while we were walking to an event.

I guess, from then on, I started getting myself back. Picking up the pieces. Heeding the advice of my friends. Generally, becoming Huishan that everyone used to know before the whole effing fiasco happened.

Now, when I walked the same path, I don’t feel anything. That same path that used to bring back so much feelings. That was my EMO place. No more.

Looking at my life now, everything seem so far away.

Blessed I am (:

With friends like the usual suspects. With friends. With everything.

Part and parcel of growing up, yes? (:

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