My IKEA Catalogue Cover!

Not too long ago, IKEA ran a contest on Facebook that asked you to pick your favorite photo and then superimpose it onto an IKEA cover! Check out more here – My Own IKEA Catalogue Cover Contest.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I kept pushing it off. So the contest has officially ended. But here’s my very own IKEA Catalogue (: One of them at least!

Pillow Fight made safe!

Models: Huishan and Sivan. Photographer: Mabel Wong. Creative Directions: Huishan

HAHAHAH! This was taken when I was still unemployed! It was a nice day at IKEA with the girls (:


Heee! With that said! I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MY IKEA CATALOGUE 2011!!!

I think my parents must have hidden it cause I will most definitely be tempted to go on a buying spree if the catalogue lands in my hand :p

But seriously, it is time to renovate my room! Time to add some color!!


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