Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S) Wireless Bug + Tethering (:

So I’ve noticed that a fair number of people landed on my blog through search terms like “samgsung i9000 internet problem” and “can i tether ipod touch to samsung galaxy s”. They probably landed on my “first look post” of Samsung Galaxy S which means that they probably didn’t get the answer that they are looking for.  Therefore, I thought I should do a post about those 2 “issues”.

Help! I am unable to switch off my wireless!

When you drag down the notification page, you will see that Wireless is turned on. Even when there’s not wireless network nearby, the WiFi button is still green. You tapped on the icon, it doesn’t go off! NOW WHAT?!

Well, here’s one of the ways you can switch it off. Head on over to Settings > Wireless and network > Wi-Fi settings > Wi-Fi. Tap on it and it should switch off (:

If that doesn’t work, you can try switching on the Mobile AP! It will ask you if you want to disconnect from Wi-Fi to use Mobile AP, click “Yes” and TADA!

On the very very rare occasions that both methods don’t work, switch off your phone. But thats only when necessary!

Can I tether to my iPod touch?

Of course you can! This is one of my most adored function 😀 Just switch on Mobile AP on Galaxy S (i9000), go to your iPod Touch look for “Galaxy S _8710” (or some other number), key the ‘password’ provided on your Galaxy S and VIOLA! Your iPod touch now has internet!

I know some people will go, “Why so stupid! Just surf on your Galaxy S lah! Tethering will waste battery for both devices!” but sometimes, I want to use banking apps that are on the iPod Touch but not on the Andriod system yet! PLUS! I realised something!

You know how video quality is VERY BAD if you watch them on 3G? No, it is not because of Galaxy S..iPhone has the same problem. So what I always do is to use Mobile AP and youtube on iPod touch! 😀 The streaming might be a bit slow but HELLO! Good quality! WHEEEE~

So there! (:


13 thoughts on “Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S) Wireless Bug + Tethering (:

  1. Hi great to see that you gave good experience with the i9000. May I ask you for any special settings needed in your iPad/iPod in order to use Mobile AP?

    I have tried connection with another Android phone, a Win netbook, iPhone4, and iPad. The phone and the netbook worked, but both Apple devices didn’t. As I am considering buying an iPad WiFi, this will be important, or I will simply go buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab haha….

    tks & rgds

    • Hi Hugh,

      As far as I know and according to @samsungsg on Twitter, you don’t need any special settings for your iPad/iPhone to use Mobile AP (:

      My iPod touch is able to use the Mobile AP without any special settings (:

      Ahhh! The Samsung Galaxy Tab does sound interesting, doesn’t it?

  2. Tether the galaxy s for the ipod touch is lame. If you want to use bank apps just go to the website on the galaxy. If you want to watch high quality on the galaxy just go to settings whike watching the vid and switch to high quality….

    • Hello!(:

      I prefer the banking app on iPod touch. Of course, there are other ways you can use the tethering function on Galaxy S. I’m just listing out some of the ways I used mine.

      To each his own, I guess (:

      P/S: Switching the video to high quality does improve streaming quite a bit! Thanks for the tip! 😀

  3. Hi,

    Has anyone tested the tethering option between the Galaxy S and an iPad? I am thinking of replace my iPhone 3 with a Galaxy S, instead of iPhone4, mainly for the tethering option. Let me know.



    • Hi PJ, I am assuming you are asking if the Galaxy Tab can tap on your iPhone’s wireless. It will depend on your iPhone and I will suggest that you check with Apple (: Can’t help you on that.

      Why not get another SIM card from the telco and put it into the Galaxy Tab?

  4. Hi

    I was wondering if you know how to stop the phone switching from using the wireless to using the phone network data plan. It just seems to do it if i leave the phone sitting for a bit even if the wireless hasnt dropped out. It just seems to start using the phone data to download info instead of the wireless that its connected to

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