my very first Korean lesson (:

After approximately 8 years of going on about wanting to learn Korean, I’ve finally attended my first Korean lesson at NUS Extension today (:

I should be restarting and renaming my “Korean Phrase for the Week”! I think it needs a more catchy title! And since I am finally learning hangeul, I can share them here and revise at the same time!

Meanwhile, here’s how we were asked to introduced ourselves in class today!

Annyeonghaseyo! Chor num Huishan yingmida.
Chor num huisawan yingmida.
Manasoh pangkupchumida.

Okay, this is written purely from memory! Will verify it in the morning to see if it’s correct! 😀

The English translation will be –

Hello! I am Huishan. I am working. Nice to meet you!

If you are studying, you will say, “Hak Seng” instead of “huisawan”.

Heee! We also learnt 10 vowels and 4 consonants (kanatala)!

Practice, practice, practice! AJA AJA HWAITING!


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