K-Pop fans are not crazy.

Okay, actually this post is not just about/for K-Pop fans. Not just a post to defend the long line of K-Pop fans queuing overnight at HMV Somerset.

It’s for those haters. For those who ever rant out at people just because you don’t get what they are so crazy about. This is about YOU.

Everyone have their own interest and their own way of expressing it. Be it buying their stuff, doing fanart, researching or even queuing overnight.

So who are you to say that these people are crazy? Who are you to curse them? Let me quote what this person has said about the fans who are at HMV tonight –

…I dun fking get the fans la !? are you gonna gain any benefit by meeting them? they are also fking human beings.

And  after a few more tweets, he went –

im not being mean but i do hope tonight will rain and the news can show how hiong this kpop fans are!

Initially, I didn’t want to quote the person and wanted to do a generic post. But SERIOUSLY! Dude, take your angst somewhere.

I mean, there will be something in our life that we will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to get. Be it spending 2 months worth of pay getting a bag. Queuing overnight to get the last Harry Potter book. Queuing for days to get an iPhone. Crying when Starcraft 2 came out.

So if someone is working their hardest to get THAT SOMETHING in their life, who are we to scold them? To look down on them? To scoff about their behavior?
And the worse part of all, to hope that something will happen to PREVENT them from getting their stuff. To hope that they will make a fool of themselves?

And fyi, K-Pop fans do not WISH that their idols will remember them. They just enjoy their performance, their songs and of cos, the way they carry themselves.
Instead of just watching them on TV, they want to see them live. Have a chance to scream the fanchant that they always hear. To yell their lungs out!

Like HELLO?! I will die for the oppurtunity to go the K-Pop Concert in October and shout, “Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, Shinee, Lucifer!” when Shinee performs!

So, wake up your ideas!

And to Fari and the rest of the K-Pop fans out there queueing, AJA AJA HWAITING! This noona supports you guys!

[Words are not flowing out. Tired and eyes are itching!]

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