Just because I speak fluent Mandarin..

Just because I speak fluent Manadarin, it does not mean that I am from China.

Similarly, just because I look fair AND speak fluent Mandarin, it does not mean that I am from China.

I am sure you have heard abt my story of cab uncles asking me where I am from and when  said,”..Ang Mo Kio..” they went,”..No! which state from China are you from?” GAH!

Then theres that time I called to make an appt for pedicure. The lady on the phone asked if I could speak in Mandarin as her English is not good. So speak in Mandarin I did. I even gave my Chinese name’s character,”..智慧的慧, 珊瑚的珊..” just in case.

So when I turned up for my appt, again, the same question about my country of origin popped up. When I said I am not from China, the girl asked if I am from Taiwan. I told her I am from Singapore and maybe I sounded a little pissed? So she quickly went,”..Oh, I look like you’re from China/Taiwan cause you speak Mandarin so fluently! And when you came, I thought you’re from Korea! So fair!” I swear the Korea part was just made up.

So HOWWWW! Just bcos i am fair and speak fluent Mandarin, I get mistaken for being a Mainland/Taiwan girl 😦 I cant decide if its a compliment or not.


One thought on “Just because I speak fluent Mandarin..

  1. umm…kinda understand the feeling. when pple meet me the first time, they can’t tell if i’m chinese, malay, filipino, eurasian or indian. =.= and when i start talking in mandarin, the reactions i get will be O.O and :O anw, nice blog to read. love the ramblings. 🙂

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