Resident Evil: Afterlife

After a failed attempt to catch the show on Thursday night, the sister and I decided to catch it today @ AMK Hub in 3D (:

Recap: Part 3 ended with Alice finding clones of herself (about 40, I think) at the research facility of Umbrella Corp. She discovered that the mastermind behind the T-virus have a HQ in Japan and she was ready for revenge.


Resident Evil:Afterlife started with a scene in Tokyo (I assume) with a girl standing in the rain at a cross road. People streamed pass her and suddenly, she lunged at a passerby and that’s how the whole infection started (No surprise). Several Alice appeared to attack the Umbrella Corp’s HQ and even though the succeed, the mastermind behind escaped and all the Alices died in an explosion. The real Alice (Milla Jovovich) is on the plane of the mastermind (no surprise again) and even though she managed to crash the plane, she is now HUMAN !

Alice somehow managed to survive the plane crash and she went in search of the others in Arcadia. Arcadia turned out to be a hoax (no surprise again!) and together with Claire (Ali Larter) they flew to LA where they found a group of survivors. From there, they battled the zombies, fight and searched for Arcadia (the other one).


No surprise in this movie. Pretty expected (you can know who is going to die/survive) and the zombies are still DEHYDRATED. I much prefer the juicier version in Part 1 and 2. There’s too many slow motion scenes too! I was like, “Can we hurry up please!” And the storyline is more focused on Alice getting revenge than the zombie-slaying! Darn! But I guess it’s a road the writers have to take. If it’s always about slaying zombies, it will get boring.

Quite surprised that Alice is finally human! But then, she is still as agile and strong o.O Ohwell!

Wentworth Miller is also in the show. He is Claire’s brother, Chris. Eye-candy for the girls, I think. Not for me though. Chris is also an integral part of the whole Resident Evil if my memory is correct. But I can’t remember where he fits in though.

Ohyah! I burst out laughing when Wentworth Miller came out though. We all know him from Prison Break, yes? And guess where he was in Resident Evil? Locked in a cell in prison! Best part is…He told the survivors that he knows the way out*smacks forehead* If I’m them, I wouldn’t trust him. Look! He took so many seasons to try and escape and he is still there!!! Okok, I lame. MOVING ON!

But overall, I still think it’s a pretty decent movie. The girls look sexy without revealing boobs. Well, okay. There’s one booby girl but she died rather early (thank god!).

There’s this scene where Wentworth Miller brought Alice to a room full of armory and she went, “Niccceeeeee *smirks*” Somehow, I like that scene quite a bit! Oh! And that scene where Claire and Chris shot at the corky mastermind together! Cooool!

Question! Why is it that when the zombies dies, there’s coins dropping out?

Is it worth to watch it in 3D? I would recommend it! The raindrops, the bullets (a little Matrix-ish though) and the slow-motion!

Other thoughts:

Cathay @ AMK Hub needs to clean their 3D classes and also iron out their screen. It’s so crumpled at the bottom that I noticed it! BOO!

And the girl sitting beside me frightens me! A zombie will come out and she will jump + wave her arms which will then scare me and make me jump o.O

In a nutshell:

It pales in comparison to the other parts but all’s good. It matches expectations.

Then again, being the Resident Evil fan (kinda) that I am, I will still watch it even if it suck! (:

3 out of 5 popcorns!

2 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Afterlife

  1. why are their coins dropping out!?
    she loaded her sawn off sheels with dollar coins “its a hobby of mine”
    basically she’s just being resourceful when low on gunpowder lol
    plus its probs some gimic for an upcoming res game.

    my question is…
    big ass guy with the axe mallet, silent hill / house of the dead much?
    its pyramid head without the pyramid and then the sandbag head dude for hotd =3

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