Finding: My $1066.46

It seems like I’ve been having a run of bad luck with customer service. First with Citibank, then MBS and now, StanChart.

Let me try to describe my experience in chronological order.

8th September, 12.06am
I couldn’t find the fund transfer button in the Breeze application. So, I sent an e-Cashier order to Citibank under the Cheque tab. Conveniently forgetting to put my account number.

11th September, 3.03am
After a long day of work, I decided to log on to the Breeze application again to see how the e-Cashier order went. I was surprised to see that the amount has been deducted from my account. I played around with the application somemore and found out that I actually paid my bill the wrong way.

SHIT! I quickly called Citibank to check my account balance and realised that my balance remained unchanged! So I called StanChart and the person told me to wait till the 14th because it takes a few working day for Citibank to tally the e-Cashier order with my account. Especially since I didn’t put in my account number.

I told him that the amount has already been deducted from my account, he said it’s okay. That I should just wait and not call Citibank.

14th September, 11.20pm
After a long day at work, I called Citibank again to check my balance. Nothing has changed.

Called Stanchart and the person on the line told me to wait till the 16th because of the public holiday, Citibank might take longer to process. I repeated the same questions I asked on the 11th and got the same answer. Too tired to think, I thanked the person and hung up.

16th September, 9.53pm
After my Korean class, I called Stanchart again. I repeated my situation again and the boy on the line told me there’s nothing he can do since it’s so long ago and the amount has already been deducted.

I told him that’s not fair especially since all along, I was heeding the advice of his colleagues. His reply was, “FINE! I will put up an official complaint for you. Will that do, mdm?” Of course, I asked to speak to his manager.

His manager, Lalitha, answered the phone and I was made to repeat my situation again. She told me she will set up a request form to help me check out what happened to my money. She promised that she will get her colleague, Adrian, to call me back at 6pm the next day.


17th September, 8.06pm
Feeling abit frustrated that I have yet to receive a call, I called the call centre again. The first lady I spoke to promised me that she will get Adrian to call me back as he was engaged. I waited for an hour and NO CALLS!

So I called back again, the second lady told me she will let Adrian know. I told her I expect a call by 9.30pm. She said okay. By 9.30pm, the second lady called me and told me that Adrian is not around. I told her to liase with Adrian and let me know an answer by 10pm. She said okay.

At 9.40pm, I got a call from Adrian. He told me that he will set up a request to his e-transaction team and get back by 20th September, Monday @ 7pm.

At 10.00pm, the second lady called me and said, “Sorry, mdm! Adrian is still busy. I…” at which point I cut in and told her that Adrian has called me already. Apparently, she have yet to liase with him! WAH LAO!

20th September, 8pm
I ended work late. No.Calls.Yet.

So I called the call centre again and asked to speak to Adrian. Waited for like 5 minutes before the person told me that Lalitha is engaged. DID I NOT ASK FOR ADRIAN?! The person said she will get Lalitha to call me back. But I refused to hang up. So after another 5 minutes of waiting, I finally got to speak with Lalitha.

Through my conversation with her, I realised that she has NO IDEA or whatsoever about my conversation with Adrian. She kept telling me, “But mdm, I have already set up a request to our ops team. And it doesn’t seem like Adrian has put up anything. We can only wait.” 

I told her I’ve waited for 12 days! It’s unacceptable behavior. If you told your customers that you are going to call, YOU CALL. Even if there’s no results, call to update your customers  about the status. She tried to tell me some cock-and-bull story about their call centre.

I was rather pissed at this point and I went, “..Don’t tell me your fancy reason. I’ve worked in a call-centre before. When I promised to call my customers, I call them back to update them of their request. If I had to go on leave, I will handover properly to my covering officer and when I come back, I will check the status of the complain with that covering officer so I know what is going on.”

She tried to say that they can’t do that and that they have a lot of complaints, so I went, “..MAKE A LIST THEN! It’s what I do!”

She tried to come up with some more fancy reasons again and I told her to stop it and to escalate my case to their customer care team. She tried to dissuade me from doing that but I insisted and told her that I expect a call from theri customer care team at 10.30am, 21st Sept, Tuesday. I also make Lalitha promised to call me at 11.00am.

21st September, 11.13am
No calls from either side.

Angry, I went down to the branch next door and told the officers there my situation.

The person checked their system and said,”..There’s only one request set up by a Lalitha. But there’s no details attached or anything.”

WHAT?!?!!?! The stories don’t match!

I was angry but I’m too tired to react and it’s not the fault of the guy. The guy took down my contact number and promised to get someone to call me back by today.

A minute ago, Lalitha just called. I’m not very polite. I went, “Woah. You’re an hour late.”

Her excuse? “I’m sorry, mdm. I tried to call at 11am just now. But there was some problem with out system.” REALLY?!
I told her I’ve already been to their main branch and asked her to find out why their customer care team has yet to get back to me. She hung up on me after that. WHAT?!

I don’t know if I will get a call back by today or not. But if I’ve not receive a call when I end work, I guess I will have to pop by the branch again.

I don’t know. According to my friend, this is not the first time she has heard of such cases. Oh dear.

I really don’t care about anything else. I just want my money back and to pay my Citibank Credit Card bill on time.

I am too tired to be angry. Too tired. Can someone help?!


6 thoughts on “Finding: My $1066.46

  1. StanChart sucks major monkey balls. They’ve this habit of not getting back to their clients. Pfft. My colleague has his credit limit raised to $100k out of the blue (wtf) and after 14 days of telediscussions, nothing was done.

  2. Walau.. really lousy service.. I have called stanchart before.. also had issues with them, but managed to settle in 1 call, but the call was around 1 hour. Your case is very bad.. sometimes when customer service like this is so bad.. you won’t want to use their service anymore.

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